The Advantages of Fossil Fuel Essay

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The Advantages of Fossil Fuel

Fossil fuel is an inexpensive source of energy compared to other methods and can be distributed more easily than other fuel sources with more availability. Oil, coal and gas are fossil fuels which are a cheaper means of fuel which are more readily available in the United States and by using fossil fuel, we are utilizing our natural resources working toward extra efficiency where fuel demands are concerned. We learn from Osman Chughtai and David Shannon that “Energy is essential to modern society as we know it. ” (Chughtai; Shannon, 1995)

(Bartok; Sarofim, 1991) explain that “if we utilize our own natural resources, such as coal, we can offer a fuel source that is readily available. ” By using coal, oil and gas, we are enabling a product that is abundant in our county to be used. (Seidel, 1983) Stephen Seidel offers that “fossil fuel can be safely used for an energy source” which leads me to believe that Americans should rely more on fossil fuel than they had previously. When fossil fuel is in huge demand, it helps states which are abundant in coal, oil and gas to become more productive which leads to prosperous growth for even more people in the United States.

States, such as Kentucky and West Virginia are rich in coal and so many families rely on the coal mines as a means of support for their families. Since coal is so abundantly available in these states, their population greatly depend on their fossil fuels to be in demand.

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