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The Advantages of eBooks Versus Traditional Books Essay

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Thesis Statement: Ebooks can replace physical books as they have many advantages that allow you to read more however physical books are still a favorite to many readers.

II-Ebooks are more accessible.

You can simply get your book online the day it drops in the stores without the need of going out and driving to the nearest local bookstore to get a book that you might even find it not available at the moment.
Ebooks are easier to travel with as you can have so many books in your Ereader without it getting heavier or being harder to carry, while with physical books you can never travel with a small number of books as it could get your traveling bag so heavy and harder to carry.

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III-Ebooks offering different multitasking features and keeping you comfy.

You can eat and drink while reading and not worry about getting the book all messed up with the grease and crumbles of the food you’re eating, although it won’t be safe for your Ereader as it could get damaged by just one single drop of cola or water as we all know technology and water don’t mix well but for physical books if some water was dropped on it, it will just get wavy but it would still work and you would still be able to read it.

Ebooks also give you the ability to take notes easier without always having a pen and a notepad with you all the time as it has all the fancy features to color some words or underline some or even check for words on the dictionary.
Ebooks are so comfortable as you can read in any way you like for example you can read sideways before sleeping or you can free both of your hands and lean it to anything near you so you can rest your hands, and anyone who loves reading knows the problems you face when you are reading and your arms get sore and can’t do anything about it.

The iv-the beauty of book shopping.When you go shopping for physical books and you see all these beautiful books lined in a sight you can’t help but fall in love with as you can grab any book you like and read the synopsis and look at the magnificent art done by the illustrator to make the beautiful cover that you’re seeing, while with Ebooks this experience is just dead as you can only search for the book that you want to buy and just download it with getting the full experience.
V- Real books gives you the real feelings.

This is a feeling that not anyone will recognize but real book readers do as there is nothing like the feeling of having a good 450 pages in your hand and you can feel every single detail on the cover with the book title popping up just a little with the smell of the book as you flick every single page away, and this is just something the Ebook can never provide even in a million years.
VI- Conclusion.

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