The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Technology

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The more the world becomes advanced, the greater the concern of the people for their own privacy. As monitoring devices turn commonplace, the benefits are inextricably linked to setbacks. From my perspective, every individual should sacrifice his or her own privacy to stimulate the well-being of society.

First and foremost, the presence of security gadgets is hugely beneficiary to the authorities as well as domestic uses. With regard to crime prevention, the ubiquity of public cameras will certainly put off even the smallest misdemeanour of any juvenile.

And should there be any wrongdoings, the footage will serve the investigation carried out by the police.

Narrowing the use of it down individually, parents will be assured of their child’s safety. For any mishap to more serious cases, trashing devices are there to locate the children and enable parents to give timely support. For this reason, advocacies for the existence of these sophisticated devices are plausible.

Although it has many benefits, the by-effects regarding personal privacy are ineluctable.

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Helpful as it may in a police investigation, the illegal use of it tor other purposes is the primary concern of many sceptics. And while it helps parents in supervising their children, strong aversion to being monitored all the time may arise from the children.

To make matter worse, everything is not so much of a worry until the dawn of the fact that however sophisticated these devices are, there will always be a way to bypass or even disable it. However, minor setbacks are not equivalent to abandoning the whole systems.

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If there is a way out, then we must work towards it. And if there is not, our concern should pale in comparison to the serenity of the whole society, from which we are not excluded.

In conclusion, we shall find that being watched is nothing to fuss over in contemplation and in retrospect. May science develop more in the future, this will no longer be so heated an issue as it were in these days.

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