The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Introvert from Perfectionism to Professionalism in My Relationships and in My Career

Being familiar with such personality tests, and online tests as a whole, I expected my results to alter since the last time I took the test a year ago. However, in both college courses I received the same result, and the description held true to who I am as a person. People who identify with this type tend to be less sympathetic, even in romantic relationships. Although INTJs can care very deeply for others it is also a great weakness. Relationships can cause more personal disruptions versus what is perceived from others as the usual confidence.

It is very hard to detect the attitudes INTJs are feeling, even though they are generally warm people, it is usually only detected by a slight nod or kind smile. Whatever the circumstance, why or how can always be heard when talking with this type of person always asking “why not”, and yet have the ability to make things happen. Introversion is a term that I would use to describe myself from a very early age.

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As someone who is very inward on both thoughts and ideas it naturally causes a small circle of friends. This not to say that people don‘t like me, but rather, they are acquaintances or networking persons. However, for the friends that I do have, my personality is rather an open- book sort after some time. As for intuition, the personality states that these kind of people tend to be people who focus on big picture issues and preferring theorizing and less focusing on the present state.

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Which is very applicable to myself because I‘m constantly concerned about what‘s going to happen but less on the present-day situation, focusing on some small little detail is far less concerning to me than having the overall goal be efficient. Honestly, most of the results that I‘ve had are very lenient towards one side versus the other so I agree with nearly everything that is said.

Thinking people tend to not get their own feelings involved in situations and like to act more indifferently to furtherjudge something unbiasedlyt I have a good grasp on my world and on my emotions, then again the time spent reflecting on everything does that to people. The fact the INTJ’s tend to be overlooked yet great at many things would connect the need for competence. As for judging and perceiving, I believe that the judging aspect of me is far greater than the perceiving aspect. People who judge tend to be constantly organized and approaching things in a logical order without too much leniency on something that was strongly planned out, it’s hard to waiver from that. When it comes to workplace relationships a lot of the weaknesses I have pertaining to this personality is that I naturally tend to judge people before getting to know them and it’s difficult for me to want to give other people tasks purely because I try to put everything on myself to know that is being done correctly I need to have more faith in what other people are doing and try to be more open—minded if they don’t understand my abstract approach to certain topics.

To better have a grasp on workplace relationships and try to be more aware of the emotions and desires of other people than expecting everybody to be robots. I think that I am great for when it comes to workplace strengths, being so I always have a clear vision and I have the willpower to go through with it, Also, I am easily adaptable to change and problems and bold enough to take risks that generally workout. When it comes having to being a leader however, INT J’s tend to be very forceful and decisive, although unbiased, can seem to be very harsh from somebody else‘s point of View. When it comes to my daily stressors in response to that, it appears that I have only tense and no calm traitsr This tenseness leads to being cautious, uncertain, worrisome, and self»absorbed in what other people may think. What cases can take a toll and it teaches me that I need to find some sort of method ever to relax this strain In order to gain stronger human relations, the two things that I need to work on would be the awareness how other people take things, and gaining a higher patience with people who don‘t understand what I am trying to say.

Overall, all of my results in one way or another resembled me well, From the perfectionism to professionalism, it is great to have such a keen idea of details, having a good understanding ofjust how much goes into careers will help when trying to get into a particular career. When I reflect on the how’s or whys things are like that it makes sense, it all has some sort of root cause and if anything strayed from my personality type it was more of an outside influence that caused it to differentiate. My strength and attention to detail will help me get ahead in life But it can also cause a lot of stress and with constant reflections and cause me to distance myself too much. It is something that will require attention to balance but if managed, then the better off I will be and everyone else too As much as financial growth is great, having a career that makes you happy every single day you go is what should be the most important, that is what makes life worth living to the fullest, then you can have the best of both worlds.

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