The Active Directory Domain Services Computer Science Essay

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To understand the constellation and direction of a multi sphere environment, an overview of Active Directory Domain Services referred to here as Active Directory is given.

An AD waiter is known as a sphere accountant and is a database that holds objects depicting users and resources.

The Active Directory Domain Services function provides a centralized point of control over users, clients, waiters and hardware across a web.

AD consists of a extremely scalable hierarchal database based on the Microsoft x500 directory service and a agency to entree the database, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol ( LDAP ) .

The database allows decision makers to hive away users and resources in a mode suited to their organizational construction. E.g. If an administration paths users by location so AD can be structured by location. If it tracks users by section so AD can be structured by section.

The characteristics that make the directory service flexible are: -

Hierarchical administration leting decision makers simplified direction of security policies and resources.

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Distributed database, centrally stored informations which can be distributed across many web waiters for easiness of entree from multiple locations.

Reproduction is automatic between sphere accountants guaranting informations is held in multiple locations for redundancy. Replication ensures domain accountants possess consistent up to day of the month information.

Scalability is provided as AD can hive away 1000000s of objects and high public presentation informations retrieval is supplied through the Global Catalog Server indexing. All sphere accountants are planetary waiters by default.

Security Administrators control entree to directory objects and belongingss through farinaceous entree controls.

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AD supports Kerberos hallmark which is compatible with other systems and internet applications.

Flexibility AD is pre-packaged with some objects, such as groups and users. New objects may be added to suit the administration.

Policy based Admin to guarantee security and consistence throughout the endeavor, decision makers can put policies for users and use different sets of regulations for objects such as sites, sections or groups.

Structure of a multi sphere environment

When put ining Active Directory on the first waiter a Domain, Tree and Forest are automatically created. Below is an illustration of a multi sphere construction with trust connexions.

The trust connexions are discussed subsequently.

Sphere omain

Sphere omain

Sphere omain

Sphere omain


Sphere omain

Sphere omain


ForestFigure 1

Multiple Spheres

Where multiple spheres are required each Domain has a sphere accountant with its ain transcript of the AD database. Multiple spheres are utilized for grounds such as geographical boundaries or departmental boundaries. Enterprises create these boundaries for grounds such as isolation of informations for security, velocity of informations retrieval, deputation of disposal and different services demands.

Multiple Spheres are inter-connected by trusts which allow the sharing of resources.

A Domain is the chief unit in a multi-domain environment, incorporating OU 's it 's the security, policy and administrative boundary. It 's defined as a logical group of computing machines that portion the same Active Directory Database.

Where possible multiple spheres should be kept to a lower limit, the more spheres created the higher disposal and hardware/software costs.

Organizational Unit ( OU )

An OU is the primary container object for spliting a sphere into more manageable sections, deputing disposal and using group policies for security. OU 's can be nested. Objects can merely be in one OU. Group policy is applied to the OU.


A group of spheres that portion the same sphere namespace such as are known as a Tree, and take on a hierarchal construction from the root sphere. When adding farther spheres to the root sphere these are known as kid spheres of the root ( parent ) sphere.

If there is another group of spheres with a different namespace such as in the same endeavor environment they are another Tree. Both trees are portion of the same Forest.


A wood consists of one or more spheres with one or more trees in the wood. Microsoft recommends the forest root sphere ; the first sphere created in an active directory wood is reserved entirely for disposal of the forest Infrastructure.

The forest holds the scheme which defines which objects are stored and how they are stored across the multi-domain environment. The schema maestro function is discussed subsequently.

Sites and services


Two-way transitive trusts are automatically created by AD. Trusts enable users in one Sphere to happen resources in another sphere. Trusts do non let entree to resources, simply the way to resources.

Users must be authenticated and have permissions to entree resources on another sphere.

Two manner transitive trusts

These are established at the Forest degree significance trusts can be established between trees and spheres in the wood.

In bipartisan transitive trusts, each tree or sphere trusts the authorization of the other tree or sphere for hallmark.

This can be described as `` I trust your authorization and anyone you trusts authorization '' . ( A trusts B, B trusts C, hence A trusts C and frailty versa ) .

When a kid sphere is created a transitive trust is automatically created between the parent and kid spheres. When a new tree is added to the wood, a transitive trust is created by AD.

Other Types of trust are explained in the tabular array below.




One manner trust

One Manner

A one manner trust way is used when entree between two spheres is restricted to a individual sphere.

Example: - The gross revenues sphere will swear the histories domain but the histories sphere does non swear the gross revenues sphere.

Non-transitive trust

Two Manner

Non-transitive trusts are set to let direct trusts between two accountants. They work with transitive trusts but the connexion stops where the non-transitive trust terminals.

In a two manner Non-transitive relationship A trusts B and B trusts C but A does non swear C. For A to swear C so another Non-transitive trust must be set between A and C.

External trust

One Manner

A one manner non-transitive trust used to link to an older Windowss NT4 system for illustration. To put this trust as two-way you create two one manner trusts between the systems, one inbound to and one outbound from NT4.

Shortcut trust

Direct Two Manner

Shortcut trusts are administrator initiated manual trusts, set to supply a direct nexus between two sphere accountants that communicate on a regular basis.

If one accountant at the underside of a hierarchal tree communicates on a regular basis with another accountant in another tree, with transitive trusts many trusts must be negotiated up through the hierarchy before finishing a nexus.

This is a much slower communicating procedure than holding a direct cutoff between both accountants.

Admin requires hallmark on both waiters to put up a cutoff trust utilizing the ace.

Forest trust

Two Manner

Forest trusts are manually created articulation two forests together. These trusts are employed if for illustration an endeavor buys another company with its ain wood, trees and spheres.

Forest trusts are transitive leting links to portion resources between the two companies in separate woods.

When puting up a Forest trust either Forest hallmark or Selective hallmark options are offered. Selective hallmark allows the decision maker greater entree control by taking what resources entree is granted for.

Realm Trust

One, Two Or Transitive

If the other company uses non-windows systems like Linux, a Realm Trust can be set up, these can be one, two or even transitive trusts.

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