The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Essay

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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

After reading the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, I got a much better understanding of what that title means. When you think of part-time you normally think of having a part-time job when you only work some days but not all the time. Well that is a lot like the life of the main character in this story. Throughout the book, Junior manages to be “half Indian” and “half white. ”

He says “ It was like being Indian was my job. How could someone be “half Indian” and “half white? ” If you have ever moved to new town, or changed schools, then you probably have a pretty good idea how Junior felt throughout the book. After Mr. P talks Junior into getting out of the REZ the only option Junior has, is to travel twenty three miles to Reardan and attend school with the white kids. Being the weirdest and least popular kid, life on the REZ must have been tough.

Having parents that drank all the time, and spent money that Juniors family did not have on Alcohol made it hard for him to have clean clothes, and a new outfit to wear now and then. But having a best friend like Rowdy made things a little bit easier. Rowdy was Juniors secret keeper, he also beat anyone up that tried to hurt Junior and was all ways there for him. Well up in till the day Junior changed schools, everyone on the REZ hated Junior they looked at him like he was some sort of trader or bad person.

His first day at Reardan was tough, Reardan was the complete opposite of school back on the REZ. It was opposite of his family, and it was opposite of him. The only good part of the day was meeting Penelope. Junior gassed in wonder at her beauty, blond hair and blue eyes he had never seen anything so beautiful. Things were a lot different at Reardan, on Halloween Junior dressed like a homeless man, which was pretty easy for him since there was not much difference between his good clothes and his bad clothes.

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