The 3 Types of Satire Essay

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The 3 Types of Satire

Satire notes: Analytical Reading

3 techniques of satire:
1.Exaggeration: Represents something beyond normal boundaries so that it becomes absurd, and reveals its faults. 2.Incongruity: Presents things that are out of place.
3.Reversal: Presents the opposite of the normal order.
4.Parody: Imitates the techniques or style of a person, place, or thing.

The fallowing is taken in context from an excerpt from A Modest Proposal

Can you locate an example of exaggeration in the passage from “A Modest Proposal”? Swift advocating that the rich eat the poor to solve overpopulation and poverty problems is an example of exaggeration.

Are there any examples of incongruity in the passage you just read from “A Modest Proposal”? A dish made out of children at a gathering of wealthy ladies is an example of incongruity.

Is there an example of reversal in the passage from “A Modest Proposal”? Portraying children as a food item as opposed to something to be cherished and protected is an example of reversal.

Parody draws upon cultural and historical context. Are there any examples of parody in “A Modest Proposal”? Swift parodies the language of politicians of that time by mimicking their speech and logic throughout “A Modest Proposal.”

In “A Modest Proposal,” Swift reveals the consequences of dehumanization through satire. His text was a wake-up call to the English people. Driven by anger and the knowledge that literature can be an effective means of change, “A Modest Proposal” reminds us to be careful of our reliance on definitions.

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