That One Snow Jump

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On a friday night I asked my mom if we could go to laconia hill and make a snow jump on their hill. At first I thought she was going to say no from how dangerous it is. But actually she said I could. So then I just trusted myself and went to laconia hill and built a humongous 2 meter high jump. After I went on it I really had a ton of fun. That jump was also made by two snowmen.

The first one was blown up by one of my fireworks. When that one blew up, There were colours everywhere from the fireworks. When the smoke stopped I looked where the snowman was. When I looked there, There was no snow there because the fireworks got stuck in the snowman and blew up in that spot.

So I went to grab my shovel and patched up the dirt spot that had no snow. Then I finally patched it up.

The second snowman was built on my sled. When I launched the sled down it fell off because of how slippery my sled was then since I had my shovel down there I took snow from that crashed snowman and made it into a 2 meter jump. I was on that jump for a long time and then decided to add 2 more meters. Which was not a great idea, When I was going down I was frightened. I hit a little bump and it almost messed me up. Then I realized I had 30 seconds to stop if I wanted but I didn’t give up.

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I was almost going 70 KPH (43 MPH) down that hill! When I was getting closer and closer it was getting so steep, no joke I was almost as straight as a vertical line. When I hit the jump it finally did not collapse so I was really happy that it worked. When it was bigger I realized it was better that it used to be. So for the rest of the night I went inside and drank a hot chocolate and ate some pizza rolls and went to go play Fortnite and then I had a great night. So that means if you try your best you can be successful just like I worked hard and made that jump and it came out successful.

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