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That it shows it belongs to the horror genre Essay


At the end of the scene the candlelight emitted on the baby proves the emotional transformation to a happier mood and this eventually shows hope and optimism. The last scene appears to begin tenderly, illustrating the delicate sexual interaction between Elizabeth and Victor. This is another scene that fools the audience into being that there will be calm. This however is to subdue the audience in a false sense of security. The sexual connection made between the two is very affectionate and passionate. The glow from the candlelight creates warmth and love in the scene.

The close up shots do not always concentrate on the face, but show delicate caressing and embracing, with the mild and compassionate music setting the atmosphere of love and devotion. Both are robed in white, which is representative as it implies chastity. Suddenly a flute is heard in the distance and music terminates briskly. Victor’s face expresses concern and apprehension. The flute indicates the monster is near and his wrath is impending. There are brief camera shots of Victor picking up his pistols and conclusively reveals Victor’s petrified and panicky emotions.

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Outside the storm and the lightning persist, and the dark colours indicate risk and vulnerability in this part of the scene. Elizabeth gradually lies upon her back onto the bed, which resembles her lying in a coffin and implies her imminent death. A flash of lightening materialises, the monster is upon the skylight looking at her. The different camera angles depict the monster’s aura surrounding the room. The monster unexpectedly is upon Elizabeth, and Elizabeth’s white gown and the monster’s black clothes merging show the resemblance between evil and good.

The music is really tense and builds up, which coincides with the events occurring. The close up of the faces also recognises the ugliness of the monster and the beauty of Elizabeth, as good and evil are in silent conflict with each other. The close up however also illustrates the fear and agony of Elizabeth, the weakness of Elizabeth and the strength of the monster. The camera concentrates on Victor, who suddenly sees the door of Elizabeth’s room open. As Victor bangs on the door violently, the monster appears to be disoriented and flummoxed, shown by the camera shots.

The monster punches into Elizabeth’s chest and literally rips her heart out. The squelching heard is a very effective sound effect. The blood and heart are examples of special effects. The heart is still efficiently pulsing and the heartbeat can be heard. This effect has been exaggerated to shock and alarm the audience. This scene horrifies the audience, as it is probably the most horrific and gruesome and inhumane scene in the entire film. Various characteristics of the film immeasurably help to enhance the emotions and in this case- fear.

The different mediums of film creation such as special effects, setting, colour and sound and techniques such as camera angles and close up shots effectively aid and create the horror that this film is ultimately portraying. Shelley had the ability to horrify us without such paranormal torments but through psychological torments. This film proves to be a morally sensitive film, regarding not to interfere in human nature. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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