Thank you letter Sample Essay

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Thank you letter Sample

I am writing you today to extend my sincere thanks. I am one of the recipients of the (Scholarship Name) for this academic year, and I am both grateful and excited to be presented with such an honor. This is my second year attending (Name of University) as a computer engineering student. Furthering my education is very important to me, and I’m glad that there are people like you who are willing to help indigent students like me. This semester, I will not need to worry about covering the costs of my classes and my books. I will be able to go to class with academic worries instead of financial ones. You have made a huge difference in my life. I appreciate the resources that you continue to provide. I will do my best to make this another successful semester. Thank you again for the generous contribution which made my scholarship possible.


What is mobile technology and what are the benefits?
Mobile technology is exactly what the name implies – technology that is portable. Mobile IT devices include: • Laptop computers.
• Palmtop computers or personal digital assistants.
• Mobile phones and ‘smart phones’ – high-end phones with more advanced capabilities. • Global positioning system (GPS) devices.
• Wireless debit/credit card payment terminals.
Mobile devices can be enabled to use a variety of communications technologies such as; • Wireless fidelity (WiFi) – a type of wireless local area network technology. • Bluetooth – connects mobile devices wirelessly.

• ‘Third Generation’ (3G), global system for mobile communications (GSM) and general packet radio service (GPRS0 data services – data networking services for mobile phones. • Dial-up-service – data networking services using modems and telephone lines. • Virtual private networks – secure access to a private network. It is therefore possible to network the mobile device to a home office or the internet while travelling.

1. Weapons and Defensive Equipment
Most police officers in most countries carry weapons, such as firearms. The handgun is the most popular weapon carried by an officer. In addition, some officers choose to carry stun/Taser guns, pepper spray, rubber bullets and batons. Officers also typically are equipped with handcuffs in case they need to restrain unruly suspects or perpetrators. For defensive purposes, one of the most important pieces of defensive gear a police officer can have is a bulletproof jacket or vest. These will protect the officer in the event of gunfire, stabbing or similar injury. You’ll also find police officers keep gas masks on hand in case of contamination or pollution. Communication Devices

Because police officers don’t always know the seriousness of a situation before they arrive on the scene, it is important they have a way to keep in touch with each other and the station in case they need to call for backup. Handheld radios and walkie-talkies help them stay in touch with each other. Their vehicles are also equipped with radios, so they can hear alerts when they go out from the station. In addition, more and more police cars have computers installed, which allows officers to run license plates, perform background checks or relay important information. Also, most officers carry whistles, flashlights and ticket books.

Vehicles and Transportation
Police officers drive several different types of vehicles. Patrol cars are most common, and come outfitted with sirens and light bars. Unmarked cars are also used in undercover situations. Police can also utilize motorcycles or bicycles when patrolling on the road. In addition, specialized operations may call for the use of trucks, ATVs, watercraft, helicopters or airplanes. Police may even patrol on horseback.

In an age where technology has become an increasingly important part of our everyday lives, technology has also given criminals another avenue for committing crimes. Criminals are able to utilize technology to hack into private networks, spread damaging viruses, commit fraud, solicit sexual activities from minors, and various other potentially damaging criminal activities. But, it seems logical that we could also use technology to catch those criminals and those of other crimes and to prevent some crimes from happening. Several technologies exist that can assist law enforcement personnel in preventing and solving criminal actions, including:

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