Texting While Driving Essay

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Texting While Driving

Many consider that texting while driving can be very dangerous.They say that roads aren’t safe when driver’s text and drive. But in reality there wouldn’t be a difference in roads if the ban of texting while driving was enacted. In my opinion I don’t think texting while driving should be banned. I disagree with the whole concept of it. Banning texting while driving would be pointless, hard to enforce, and it isn’t the cause of increase in car accidents.

One reason why texting while driving shouldn’t be banned is because it would be pointless. Drivers don’t only get distracted only by texting, but by many other things. As Balko stated in his article “There are countless other driver distractions that we’d never think of banning, from having kids in the back seat, to eating or drinking while driving to fumbling with the radio.” (Balko) The little things that people do while operating a vehicle can be more distracting than what people can imagine. Anything can happen on the roads when driving and at any time. Drivers would have to be more cautious when driving.

Another reason why I disagree with the ban of texting while driving is because it isn’t possible to enforce this. In the article “Cities disagree on texting-driving ban” Ms. Gaff says “they ask ‘How can we enforce this?’” (Swartsell) Police officers will not know when a driver is texting. If banned, officers will just be given another reason to stop people. (Radley) They can’t just assume that drivers that are looking down are texting. This wouldn’t be fair to drivers. It wouldn’t make sense to be stopped based on an assumption an officer makes.

Last, the increase on car accidents has nothing to do with texting while driving. In the article “Should Text Messaging While Driving Be Banned? No.” Radley states “Overall reported accidents since 1997 have dropped, too, from 6.7 million to 6 million.”Prople text and drive everyday and car accidents still decrease. Car accidents can happen depending on anything the driver is doing and or is focused on. Yes, some accidents may happen because of texting but it’s not a solid reason as to why it should be banned. Driver would just have to be more careful while texting and driving.

Now I am aware as to why they would want to ban texting while driving. Car accidents that are done due to texting can be as frightening as to a drunken driving accident. Technology is taking over society, which causes so much agreement as to why they should ban texting while driving. But if they were to ban texting while driving, how does that guarantee anything to drivers? This would be exactly why I disagree with banning texting while driving. There would be no type of guarantee that if they ban this we’ll be safer.

In the article “Should Text Messaging While Driving Be Banned? Yes.” McCarthy states “With the same fervor I had when I was first sworn into office in 1997, I seek common ground on issues I believe will make our country stronger and safer each and every day.” This doesn’t make me feel safe in no type of way. They are promising something to us that they have no control of. There would be no difference if texting while driving is banned or not.

Pointless, hard to enforce and not causing the increase on car accidents are all reason why they shouldn’t ban texting while driving. There is no way anyone can make us feel safer if they ban texting while driving. That isn’t the only reason why car accidents are caused. So what if they ban texting while driving? I think there would be no difference.

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