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Texting and Driving vs. Drinking and Driving

Noting that more than 10,000 Americans die per year due to drunk driving fatalities, government officials promoted technologies, such as an ignition interlock. The driver’s concentration & vigilance are both impaired even if they think they can multi-task. The results of several surveys on distracted driving show that drivers fail to recognize the dangers in distracted driving which include...

Texting While Driving

Alcohol Problems and Solutions, (2013). Driving While Texting Six Times More Dangerous Than Driving While Drunk. Retrieved from: http://www2.potsdam.edu/hansondj/files/Driving-while-Texting-Six-Times-More-Dangerous-than-Driving-while-Drunk.html Snyder,E., & Associates, (2013). Cell Phone and Texting Accident Statistics. Retrieved from: http://www.edgarsnyder.com/car-accident/cell-phone/cell-ph...

Texting and Driving

The laws are strict and people are changing there habits. So if people were able to learn about drunk driving, more people need to inform people about the risks of texting while driving. Once people figure that out, I believe more and more people will be more aware that texting and driving can cause lots of damage, and should be illegal. In conclusion texting while driving needs to be banned. It p...

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Cause & effects eassy. Texting while driving

Some people can able to text with out looking at their phone and they might not able to paying attention what going on the road Person eye might on the road , but their focus is on what they are saying on the message. While, they are try to make sure they press the right key on the phone Furthermore, using your cellphone while driving make you unaware of the happening’s that may occur on the roa...

Texting while driving: Issues it creates

According to a survey taken by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 52% of drivers on the road today feel at risk when driving compared to five years ago. One year before, only 40% were said to feel unsafe, having a 17% increase from year to year. Not only are distracted drivers harming themselves, yet they are putting every other driver on the road in the same dangerous position without realizi...

Texting While Driving is Dangerous

This is a very serious subject because it makes us all feel guilty as well as think about if we were involved in an accident or what if a family member was involved? Perhaps then we would understand the true meaning and understanding of “don’t text and drive” because it should be illegal in every state. We all should remember the saying “A split second, is all it takes to send a text. A sp...

Cause and Effects of Texting While Driving

Taking everything into consideration, texting has enhanced the lives of many people with the ease and mobility to communicate with one another however; applying this method while driving is a dangerous behavior that is not only illegal in many states, but also has serious consequences if the driver is not focused behind the main priority of driving safely. Awareness campaigns have been designed to...

Texting While Driving Proposal

They all fought against seat belts years ago, but now everyone wears seat belts. The kids will be trained and learned from a young age that they cannot text and drive. It is scary knowing our lives are in danger and we should find a way to get those distracted drivers off the roads before something tragic happens to you, your family member, your closest friend, your wife or any one you know. There...

Stages of Social Transformation

5. Transformation: Even the most high-performing groups will revert to earlier stages in certain circumstances. Many long-standing groups go through these cycles many times as they react to changing developments. Those that reach the transformation stages are the groups who create meaningful and significant change that positively impacts the entire human network. These groups are philosophically ...

Compare and Contrast Texting vs Calling

Nothing can be more annoying than having to call back and start all over, worried it will happen again. Having no service, just like when texting, and a call is needing to be made can cause anger/frustration in a person. Driving while talking on the phone can be just as distracting as texting, having only one hand on the wheel engaged in your conversation can cause distractions to paying attention...

Texting in Class

Many students believe they can text all the time in class and pay attention at the same. Just as students have their right to use their cell phone as they please, they also have a right to an education. The teacher’s job is to provide those students with the best education they can offer, and their job does not force them to watch their student’s text. Just as it is the students right to text ...

Texting A Use Of Communication English Language

No matter how many text speech dictionaries are created, or how many new abbreviations become more common, there will always be a need for a standard form of communication and good writing skills (Coulture 2008). As communicative technology changes, so will the language used in these types of mediums. By understanding that texting is just another variation of the English language and not a full on...

Digital Communication and Internet


Texting could be seen as creative as it has created a whole new 'language'

This is innovative because I think texting has created a new language which actually helps our English, and we wouldn't have had that help ten years ago. In conclusion, texting should be seen as a new and exciting form of speech. To criticise text language for making us bad spellers or as ruining the language is to misunderstand it completely. I think texting should be seen as very creative as it ...

FAQ about Texting

Why texting while and driving should be forbidden

...(2011). Texting And Distracted Driving Infograaphic. Texting and Driving Safety Retrieved from http://www.textinganddrivingsafety.com/ Ferreira, Phillip & Crystal (March 18, 2013) Should text messaging while driving be illegal? Debate.org. Retrie ...

How Texting Affects Literacy in Teenagers

...Evaluations for this project will be based on summarization of the issue, creative application of transformative ideas and clear, concise, professional use of language to incite some form of activism on behalf of the cause. Also, look to begin includ ...

How Texting Affects Our Life

...The most important reason why I believe texting affect our lives is because it easily distracts us. When you are always trying to be in two places at once, you are really not in neither. For example, if we are sitting in class, the teacher is talkin ...

How Does Texting Affect Our Lives

...Texting ruins our ability to concentrate on one thing at a time? For example, a personal gripe of mine has to do with people texting while I am trying to tell them something, causing them to look up and say, "wait, huh? ", and it is all too common. W ...

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