Text Essay Topics

Flaubert’s text

Flaubert’s text has kept traces of being continuously worked over; and while this gives something awkward and heavy to his writing, we might also feel that a certain stylistic opacity is Flaubert’s decisive refutation of Emma’s confused argument for a literature of pure sensation. The very fact that, because of Emma’s sensuality, Flaubert has so… View Article

Cultural Text Analysis

Cultural texts can be described by Vanhoozer et al, as any work that is done by human beings that has a meaning because it is done intentionally and not as a fluke or by reflex. They include newspaper articles, books and other printed material, objects, images, spaces, films and music (Vanhoozer et al. , 2007,… View Article

Electronic Literature as an Information System

ABSTRACT Electronic literature is a term that encompasses artistic texts produced for printed media which are consumed in electronic format, as well as text produced for electronic media that could not be printed without losing essential qualities. Some have argued that the essence of electronic literature is the use of multimedia, fragmentation, and/or non-linearity. Others… View Article