Texas Science Scholars program Essay

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Texas Science Scholars program

Mrs. Page, I would like you to know that I do not consider English as one of my strongest subjects; however, I still am excited to be in this class. From what I can tell, your particular style of instruction will definitely be helpful towards my education in literature. I feel you are someone who can help me to better myself in writing. My name is Michael Cortinas. I will be majoring in Computer Science and I am currently part of the Texas Science Scholars program. I enjoy reading, but struggle when it comes to writing on a designated prompt. In high school, I was part of both the varsity track, and cross-country team. Before college, I would run two or three miles every morning, but, because all my classes take place in the morning, I haven’t had time.

I have been working part-time at H-E-B for nearly a year now, where I do anything from cashier to push carts. I currently live with my mother, step-father, and three younger siblings, meaning most of my homework will be done on campus. When it comes to college, I hope to obtain the skills necessary to become an impact in my community and in the lives of those close to me. I feel if I can get enough from college, I can be the type of person that people feel confident in putting their trust and coming to for advice. I guess this desire was inspired my great-grandfather, who passed away last year. He was someone that everyone felt comfortable confiding in and always seemed to know just what to say. Your class, being one that works with word choice, is a great start towards this goal. I feel that I am going to enjoy your class and all it has to offer.

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