Tet Holiday Essay

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Tet Holiday

Becoming warmer weather, blooming a hundred- flower on the tree, and gliding swallow in the blue sky, that is many signal alert that spring is arrive. Of course Tet comes, which ia the moment moving from an old year to a new year. Tet or “Tet Nguyen Dan” is the most important and popular featival in VietNam. Tet can be divides three periods, known as Tat Nien (before New Year’s Eve), Giao Thua ( New Year’s Eve), Tan Nien (the New Year), representing the preparetation of Vietnamese Tet with many activities. Before a half of month of Tet holiday, the atmosphere leads up extreme bustle not only in the insides, but also in the outsides. Firstly, the places expressing clearly is the markets or shopping centers. Most people go to the market to buy food, clothes and the items that need celebration. The streams of people go up and down to choose something or bargain with the merchant, followed by advertsing good and the rumble of motorbike going in and out create the loud atmosphere.

At the flower-market, there are many plants and flowers with a variety of color, shape, and smell. However, people often gather in the apricot blossom shop because it symbolizes riches and honours. Moreover, the street is decorated many flashing light, the animal that symbolize this year, and many beauty sights. Secondly, Tet also is the time reuion family. In Tet holiday, although family’s members are living anywhere, they have to return their home to enjoy Tet. In this occasion, parents buy new clothes for children sothat they can wear them when Tet arrives. Besides, traditional families have family altar, to memorize ancestors. During Tet, the altar is cleaned and new offering are placed there. In the day leading up to Tet, each family often cook traditional food and cake such as Banh Chung, Banh day, which symbols to the Earth and the Sky in Sounthern, and Banh Tet, which symbols gatheration in Northern.

In the New Year’s Eve, after preparing Tet carefully, people begin to join Tet holiday. Especially, in the New Year’Eve –the time transfer from old year to new year- begin in a midnight of thirtieth of December. Everyone really like this moment when they see the Fireworks is shot into the sky. At that time, people osten wish all members in my family and the others live in good condition and friendly. Beginning Tan Nien-the New Year, it begins from the first to last tenth of January (Lunar Calenda). It is a relaxation completely, people stop anything and just join activies. In the first day, usually, children wear new clothes and give their elders the traditional Tết greetings before receiving the lucky money. After that, their family visit relative, grandfather, grandmother and welcome them to their house.

In the next day, people come pagoda to pray for peaceful, lucky, successful in New Year. Then they join some game such as playing card, “bau cua ca cop”, joining Flower festival,etc. In the third day, it is a Tet for teacher, student gather together and visit their teacher. Therefore, Tet will prolong to sixth, people continue to tale part in their activities. Some people choose the lucky day to open the shop. To sum up, Tet is a traditional culture in VietNam also in Asia.Although Tet changes from year to year, it still keep a traditional value of nations, especially moral value. Moreover, it is the wonderfull time for relaxation after working all the year.

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