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Testing antacids Essay

Essay Topic:

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The purpose of this investigation is to test different antacids – mild base that can neutralize acid – for their effectiveness in neutralizing stomach acids, to see if all antacid tablets are equally effective, and to learn the way of comparing antacid tablets in their acid- neutralizing ability to baking soda.

Hypothesis/ Prediction:

The most effective antacid will be Gaviscon and the least effective one will be Alka-Seltzer. All antacid tablets will not be equally effective.

Data Recording, Processing, and Presenting

Drops and Volumes of 6 antacids till it neutralizes

Total Mass (g)

Mass of each used (g)

Number of drops and volume of HCL used (ml)

Number of drops and volume of acid neutralized(ml)/g

Number of drops and volume of acid neutralized per tablet (ml)

Sodium Bicarbonate

(Baking Soda)

Cannot be measured


105 drops

5.6 ml

525 drops

28 ml/g

Cannot be measured

Alka- Seltzer



72 drops

4.5 ml

360 drops

22.5 ml/g

1153 drops

72.045 ml




58 drops

3.7 ml

290 drops

18.5 ml/g

375 drops

23.902 ml




50 drops

3.2 ml

250 drops

16 ml/g

376 drops

24.032 ml




42 drops

2.8 ml

294 drops

14 ml/g

378 drops

18.004 ml




26 drops

1.5 ml

130 drops

6.5 ml/g

204 drops

10.1855 ml

It is stated that pH of a normal stomach is about 1.5 which is very acidic. However, if the concentrations of acid in stomach are too high, it would cause great pain. A solution would be taking medication that contains an antacid, a mild base that can neutralize acid. With approximate mass of tablet of 0.200grams, it is to be mixed with water and thymol blue indicator which would change color at the pH level of around 2. Different amount of hydrochloric acid was slowly added with burette. Therefore, according to Appendix 1, Baking soda needed 28ml to neutralize one gram and tablet could not be measured.

Alka-Seltzer needed 22.5ml to neutralize one gram and 72.045 ml to neutralize one tablet. Tums needed 18.5ml to neutralize one gram and 23.902 ml to neutralize one tablet. Rolaids needed 16ml to neutralize one gram and 24.032 ml to neutralize one tablet. Maalox needed 14ml to neutralize one gram and 18.004ml to neutralize one tablet. At last, Gaviscon needed 6.5ml to neutralize one gram and 10.1855 ml to neutralize one tablet. Therefore, baking soda is more effective than other medication because it is very basic and this will speed up the process of neutralizing. Furthermore, the medication to prefer the least is Gaviscon which would not take much of effect.


Antacids that were being tested are Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Alka-Seltzer, Tums, Rolaids, Maalox, and Gaviscon. Their total masses are all different but the mass of amount of antacids were all 0.200g, the same. The amount of HCL should be on 0 on the scale of burette. 0.5 Molar HCL should go into the burette and 0.200g of an antacid that has been mixed with blue indicator and water should be in a flask. After all those materials are prepared, HCL in the burette should drop to the water and while it is dripping, the flask should be swirling around because if mixing by swirling is not completed, color changes will occur even though the color changes were not to be occurred when the mixing is completed. The complete neutralization is when the color stays permanent which needs continual mixing.


The result and the hypothesis did not match. The most effective antacid is Sodium Bicarbonate, baking soda. It means that Baking Soda has the most amount of the volume to neutralize the stomach acid per gram. Regardless of the time, Baking soda helps to neutralize the most amount of stomach acid per gram. While Gaviscon will only be able to neutralize 6.5ml per gram, Sodium Bicarbonate will be able to neutralize 28ml which is more than three times effective than Gaviscon. However, the antacid that neutralizes the most will be different in “per tablet”. Because Sodium Bicarbonate is not a tablet but tiny pieces, the tablet part for Sodium Bicarbonate could not be measured.

Therefore, leaving out Sodium Bicarbonate was appropriate for this situation. Same as the “per gram” situation, the most amount of the volume to neutralize the stomach acid per tablet would be the answer, but because Sodium Bicarbonate will be eliminated in this case, the next highest amount, Alka-Seltzer would be the answer. Regardless of the tablet results, “per gram” results are needed to get the answer for this case. Tablet results include “Per gram” results multiplied by the total mass of the tablet. Because the total mass of the tablet is different from each other, it is impossible to compare each other. Therefore, regardless of the total mass of the tablet and the “per tablet” results, the answer for “per tablet” case would be alka-seltzer.

Evaluation/ Improvements

The plan is assessed to be satisfactory but the materials could be improved by having better equipment for measuring. No other skills were required and the procedure was generally acceptable. However, the quantity and quality of evidence were limited. The hypothesis was hard to predict because it was less likely to have an obvious answer with no evidence collected.

The weaknesses of this lab are in the imprecise method of using burette by hand in the process of counting and measuring. Burette sometimes had given away a lot of hydrochloric acid without knowing how much has dripped because awareness of the timing of HCL coming out is unnoticeable. Therefore, there were less accuracy in counting drops, but the volume of acid neutralized was accurate. A bit of patience and cautiousness would have helped accurate counts.

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