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As the end point, to make that the government actions take a real effect, people must also change their lifestyle, they must do their part and control the amount of fast food they eat, is not necessary overeating, also, they should try to exercise more and avoid using the car if it is not necessary or taking a walk through the residential. People should read and search recipes for improving home-c...

Examinations. Good or Bad?

Some people point out that examinations cause a large amount of stress to many students. Admittedly, students tend to feel extremely pressured when they hear the word “examinations”. This is because they are being pressured to meet their parents’ expectations by studying extremely hard, and sometimes, even burning the midnight oil. While doing so, they also have to attend extra co-curricular...

Examples of Satire in Adventures of Huckfinn

Example 2: The second example of satire is from chapter 17, when Huck stays with the Grangerfords in this chapter they mention how much they hate the Shepherdson’s; this may be a satire about how much society hates God’s children, because Jesus is our shepherd and Christians are His children therefore making all Christians the Shepherd’s children. Although not all of society hates Christians...

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Goodwill Impairment Testing

* We have elected to carry forward the fair value as of December 31, 2010. Note: On December 31, 2011, Galaxy’s share price was $27.50 and 50 million shares were outstanding, indicating a market capitalization of $1.375 billion. We firmly believe that the reporting unit fair values represent management’s view of the company’s business and expectations. The market has undervalued the company...

Fabric Assurance by Simple Testing(F.A.S.T)

Bending rigidity is particularly critical in tailoring lightweight fabrics.”( Jedda.H 2007) According to the chart, both of warp yarn and weft yarn have a low values of Bending Rigidity which indicates problems in cutting, handling and sewing. Shear rigidity which is calculated from the bias extensibility measured on FAST-3 can reveal the ability of a fabric to resist buckling. For the bias samp...

Poverty Satire

Many people would probably argue that this solution to homelessness is too dangerous or inhumane but it will prepare the homeless people for a life after the landfill. The landfill would offer a refuge for the poverty stricken victims to be provided for and it would also allow the homeless to provide a service for the public. The landfill already offers such valuable resources that are just going ...

Cultural Acceptance in Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis

Since the genesis of mankind, people have identified and sought their own uniqueness. Personal characteristics that define what they are viewed as. Man’s uniqueness does not have to be a source of conflict, but rather something to be appreciated. This is the moral that Satrapi is conveying by connecting eastern and western regions. Satrapi use of character development, religion, and values of fr...

Grade 9 Geography Exam Review


Analysis of Dickens' use of irony, satire and humour in Oliver Twist

It is clear that Dickens employs irony, satire and humour to great effect in Oliver Twist, and does so in a manner that is not as straightforward as might originally seem. His use of irony and humour as a weapon shows clearly the maltreatment of the poor at the hands of the upper classes and serves to both amuse the audience and make it uncomfortable in laughing along with the unfair and improper ...

Shrek Satire Essay

the characterisation of princesses in traditional fairy tales. Incongruity is used as Princess Fiona uses her ponytail to deliver a knockout punch to one of the Merry Men. While frozen in a mid-air martial arts kick, Princess Fiona pauses to fix her dishevelled hair before knocking out two of the Merry Men, which shows an act of exaggeration. Jenson and Adamson has subverted the change of role bet...

Internship Report on Customer Satisfaction on the Services of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited

Statement| Highly Satisfy | Satisfy| Neutral| Disagree | Highly Disagree| 12. Are you satisfied with the Services offered by the MBL?| | | | | | 13. Are you satisfied with the different charges & interest rates that are offered by MBL?| | | | | | 14. Do you think the numbers of branches are satisfactory?| | | | | | 15. Are you satisfied with the different promotional campaign of MBL? | | | | |...

Speech Animal Testing

Scientists often argue that animal testing is necessary for researching for new viruses. This experiment is usually when scientists purposely give viruses to animals. So, that once there virus is in the system, they can work on the treatment. According to About Animal Testing there are other ways to find cure to viruses. There are new testing methods like vitro testing. Scientists have replicated ...

The causes and effects of job satisfaction

Though there is a large quantity of research findings available on this topic, there are still some limitations that should be acknowledged. Scheid (2011) critically argued that the majority of the qualitative research has not been verified by qualitative data. In addition, different facets correlating with job satisfaction possess varying degrees of importance for employees. Therefore, the relati...

Concept of examination malpractice

Aje S.A. (2001) Problems of Cultism in Nigerian School, Ilorin. Afri – Focus Investment Daily Champion, Nigeria (2004) “Alarming Rise in Cultism”. An Editorial Opinion in Daily Champion, Nigeria. August 30th (Available at: http://championnewspapers.com/) Edeki, E. (2004) “Personal View: Curbing Cultism in our Educational System”. Vanguard on line Edition January 05. (Available at: http:w...

Customer Satisfaction with E Banking in Bangladesh

At present all types’ business organization performs primarily for customer satisfaction. E-banking is service oriented industry. The first choice of E-banking is to customer satisfaction. Customers are habituated with organization culture. Culture is built up in the practice of years. So customer attitude toward organization is born observing and experiencing an organization’s practice and pe...

Homeless Satire

These boxes will cost them a pretty penny but with all the money they get begging and selling the various items they find in the garbage they should be able to afford them! That just means they will have to cope with eating only what they find in the garbage, and not spending any of that extra cash on fast food, or healthy vegetable stuff. If they absolutely need a phone number, what is stopping a...

Grades do not Reflect Intelligence

It is now time for the education system to put their best foot forward and conjure the effort to make this happen. In conclusion, it is evident that high school grades are no longer an accurate representation of students’ intelligence. Grades are inflated, students who are at completely different ends of the spectrum are getting the same tests and effort now differentiates most students’ grade...

Journal of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Transportation

[23] Tse, D. and Wilton, P. (1988), “Models of Consumer Satisfaction Formation: an Extension”, Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 15, pp. 204-212. [24] Westbrook, R. (1987), “Product Consumption-based Affective Responses and Post Purchase Process”, Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 24, 1987, pp. 258-270. [25] Westbrook, R. and Reilly, M. (1983), “Value-Percept Disparity: An Alternati...

Is the Importance of Being Earnest a Satirical Play?

[ 3 ]. Roger Sale – The Hudson Review, Vol.56, No.3– Being Earnest. Published Autumn 2003 [ 4 ]. Roger Sale – The Hudson Review, Vol.56, No.3– Being Earnest. Published Autumn 2003 [ 5 ]. Satire & Wit in Oscar Wilde – by Danielle N.Baxley, published 28th March 2010 [ 6 ]. Point, Counterpoint, Thrust: Wilde’s Pun Burying in The Importance of Being Earnest by Jamie Crawford. [ 7 ]. ht...

CBP Officer Entrance Examination

term is “associated with” and not “associated from.” Objects are “associated with” one another, which means they are related to each other in some way. 5. Correct Answer: A The correct answer is (A). The sentence should read as follows: The impact of this training will be measured by the number of new CBP Officers who successfully complete the probationary period. This is a well-constr...

Satyam Scandal

The falsified amount was so high that Raju could not hide it longer, therefore confessed it to the shareholders and employees. (The New York Times) http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/08/business/worldbusiness/08satyam.html?_r=1& Also, Satyam had been banned from World Bank contracts for serving spy software on some World Bank computers. All these scandals dropped Indian stock price and had adverse...

Satyam Case Study

On 13 April 2009, via a formal public auction process, a 46% stake in Satyam was purchased by Mahindra & Mahindra owned company Tech Mahindra, as part of its diversification strategy. Effective July 2009, Satyam rebranded its services under the new Mahindra management as "Mahindra Satyam". After a delay due to tax issues[20][21] Tech Mahindra announced its merger with Mahindra Satyam on 21 Mar...

Testing the Ph of Common Household Substances Lab

1.Most of the results within the product class are the same, but the results differ within the class of food products. Food products vary from being acids and neutral solutions. Food products which are sour, like lemon juice, turn out to be acids. On the other hand, some food products are neutral such as milk and green tea. 2.Most of the household products are acids, but in general whichever categ...

Testing for the Presence of Starches

For the test for protein macromolecules using biuret reagent the DI water was blue after being mixed with 5 Drops of Biuret Reagent, and sucrose became light blue, both of these were determined as negative tests for proteins. This result matched the hypothesis, given that the water is a pure substance, sucrose is a non starch sugar. When milk, and 50% egg white were mixed with the biuret reagent, ...

Should Public Examinations in Malaysia be Abolished

Schools also have monthly exams or small class test for students. These exams are consistent and very often, compared to public exams which in some cases in every two years, three years, so on and so forth. However, after public exams there is no Parents’ and Teachers’ Day. This day is for parents to consult the teachers on their children’s performance. Usually after year-end exams or mid-ye...

Quationair on Airtel Broadband Customer Satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction

Many route, schedule and service recommendations were suggested and will be reviewed. From these suggestions PART should determine if changes suggested, are necessary and need to be made to existing routes. Potential areas that are not currently served need to be examined to see if there is potential ridership available. The Customer Satisfaction Survey will be conducted once per year during the f...

Computerized Admission Examination System

On-line Exam system is designed for Educational Institutes (like schools and universities). The system handles all the operations, and generates reports as soon as the test is finish, that includes name, mark, time spent to solve the exam. Allow students to see or display his answers after the exam is finish. The type of questions is only multiple choice or true and false. The scope and limitation...

The 3 Types of Satire


Customer Satisfaction

Freebies are also becoming a main source of attracting customers to any food establishments 4. Tactical plans to prevent delivery delays must also be formulated by different fast food chains in anticipating any problems encountered when it comes to the actual delivery of goods. 5. Utmost courteousness, understanding to customers, fast snappy response and correct getting of on the air orders must b...

Customer Satisfaction on Marketing Mix of Lux Soap

Our suggestion will be now LUX should discontinue spending huge amount in promotional activities. * LUX Will also have to do product development for the product line extension. * As this soap makes skin rough enough; we think LUX should invest more to improve the quality of LUX soap rather than promotional activities. Or else it can lose its market at any time because there are many strong competi...

Testing hypothesis

We found in Example 8.2 that if the null hypothesis were true, then p = .0262 that we could have selected this sample mean from this population. The criteria we set in Step 2 was that the probability must be less than 5% that we obtain a sample mean, if the null hypothesis were true. Since p is less than 5%, we decide to reject the null hypothesis. We decide that the mean score on the GRE General ...

Should Examinations be Abolished

An over-competitive environment is not a good place for students to learn, because then, all they want to do is to be the top. This is bad because is defeats the purpose of going to school in the first place, and that is to learn and gain knowledge. Also, students might not need to even pay attention during lessons and still get a high score. All they need to do is to memorise all thier notes giv...

ELISA testing


Hundreds of emails and no sleep: does this sound like a satisfying job

John Bishop: good stable job, irregular long hours (90 to 100- hour work week), no complaints, willing to take things to the extreme Irene Tse :good stable job, long hours (80 - hour work week), no complaints, willing to take things to the extreme and highly motivated Tony Kurz : good stable job, long irregular hours, constant travels, highly satisfied with job, prefers job more to personal relati...

Uses and Abuses of Satellite TV Channels

Thirdly, it has become an addiction for many. This blocks our outdoor recreation which is essential for our physical and mental growth. Whatever be the fact, every age has its technological change. A country cannot remain aloof from it. It has to keep abreast of others. Demand of the masses cannot be ignored. What is important for us is to be mature spectators of satellite TV not to be carried awa...

Combined solution of Garlic (Allium sativum) and Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)

The study focused on making an alternative agent of eradicating great number of mosquitoes. Specifically, it sought to find out the insecticidal effect ofCymbopogon citratus and Allium sativum on mosquitoes. It aimed at looking for an organic and safe measure in treating the abundance of mosquito. Ideally, our study would promote a tandem between science and creation’s conservation. The solution...

Short-term goals essay

My next short-term goal has already been in my head since last year that I am a little worried about, I’m worried about getting a low grade on the SAT or ACT. This all depending on what college I would like to go to. So far I have not yet have not decided on what college is right for me. I have taken the PSAT (preliminary SAT) in 10th grade so I have a pretty good idea what the real SAT will loo...

Questionnair on customer satisfaction of bank

Now we have identified problem area so now we need to examine different aspects of particular problem area its is known as investigative question. Eg. Service Provided by SBI is helpful? Service is being provided timely? In Second area of Problem of staff member, we need to Examine that information provided by staff member is easy to understand?? Staff member are Help full?? In third problem area ...

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