TESOL Thesis Statement

China has arisen in all perspectives of the twenty-first century. Parents in China play crucial roles of children learning and they are now more concern about the English ability their children have enhanced which means teacher must pay greater attention to the communication between parents and teacher and the challenge it brings.


Closed policy

The closed policy has created difficulties, for Chinese students in methods of learning and in connecting with foreign cultures. Further, students in China are hard to combine the concepts and cultures they have learned to the reality.

For example, they will not be able to surf the internet freely and watch the worldwide TV News. (Jian-Hua Xu 2009) It means they do not have chance to explore themselves to different cultures and learning environment.


China technology and Economic has fast developed in the past ten years. Their living standards and environments have improved quickly. However, the attainments in self-cultivation of people do not process that fast.

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It needs certain amount of time for people to digest and evolve. (Yan-Hua Liu 2009)These situations caused the problem that people in China are not familiar to communicate with people outside the country and enhance new cultures and learning styles.

According to the reading materials, this is how intercultural communication takes place. (Carter and Nunan 2001) This will create a conflict between teacher and parents that learning English is not only a school subject or language; it is more like a process of meeting new cultures and enlarging perspective. Parents also need to be educated to respect and enhance the culture differences.

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Historical perspective

From the historical perspective, the great Chinese thinker and social philosopher Confucius has a great impact on student’s learning habit and influence the way of Chinese thinking. There are a lot of great ideas he had brought up. However, he had brought up one concept that people should not make mistake over three times on the similar subject. Even though his main idea is to share the concept of avoiding make mistakes on the same situation. It is deeply rooted in people’ mind of China which caused Chinese students are very afraid to make mistake in class, even to speak up. (Te-Sheng Ye2011)

This situation puts ESL teacher in an awkward position. Students do not speak up in class; it is hard for teacher to assess how much do the students have enhanced in the language and how to adjust the lesson. Therefore, it is important for ESL teacher to communicate with parents about the way of learning English should be bolder and guide their children to learn from asking questions and learn from mistakes.

Educational system

The Educational system in China is really intense. There are too many people but only a few of them will be able to receive higher and better education. The few famous schools become really hard to get into and the standards become more and more strict.

The educational policy makes both students and parents under tremendous pressure and force the competition between students become furious. Parents in China become very aggressive, they are afraid that their children will lose to the others. So, they cram their children with endless lessons after school which blots out the interest and motivation of learning to their children. Learning English is not interesting for Chinese kids, within grade
three, they will be able to analyze the grammar error and sentence structures. Their aim to learn English is not communicate, is to score high marks in the non-stop examinations in order to get in good school.

It is crucial for ESL teacher to guide those parents to think about learning English is not only to cater with the examinations but to enhance another language. And, to get good scores and get in a good school are just an added value when those children master the language well.


Learning English is not only between children and the teacher, it needs parents to get involved. The attitudes of parents are matter to the learning efficiency of the children.

Teaching English in China is not easy, parts from the perspectives of closed policy, history and educational system, the most important part is to have affective communication with parents. Unless the communications between children, parents and teacher attain balance, the learning efficiency and the added in value will benefit the children the most.

It is important for teacher to guide parents to know how to motivate and access in their children’s learning. The right way to educate parents is also a crucial issue to concern. Teacher should cultivate parents instead of seeing English as a school subject, it should be value more as the process will also teach students to experience and explore the world.

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TESOL Thesis Statement

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