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Tesol Foundation

1. Explain why you think well planned lessons are good for classroom management? Well planned lessons are good for classroom management because it wouldn’t disrupt the flow of the learning process therefore making it ideal for all the students participating. 2. The methods for measuring achievement should be understood by whom? The methods for measuring should be understood by the students and even in children cases their parents so that they are aware of their child’s progress. 3. Find 2 Inspirational quotes (online) that you could use in your classroom. 1. “One language sets you in a corridor for life.

Two languages open every door along the way”- Frank smith. 2. “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”- Chinese proverb. 4. List 10 negative qualities of your least favourite teacher from personal experience. 1. He always seemed as if he was playing favourites with some students. 2. It Felt like he didn’t care about how we were feeling with certain topics like he wasn’t even interested in us. 3. He was mean and didn’t show any empathy towards the class/students at all. 4. Most students would get in trouble and disciplined without any good reason. 5. It always felt like he was unprepared so the lesson never went smoothly.

6. It was always his way or the highway he never opened up and listened to his non favourite students. 7. He seemed to have a very negative attitude. 8. He would only give you a very small window of opportunity to get some help and if you missed it you just went without help. 9. The learning environment was bad because he would always be raising his voice practically shouting instead of speaking nice and clearly with good tone. 10. He never gave his non favourite students any feedback as we went along so often we would be going in the dark not knowing if it was right or wrong.

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