Tesco PLC Essay

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Tesco PLC

1. As a manager, you have the opportunity to lead, supervise, mentor and motivate others – and your ability to do so effectively makes a huge difference to the company’s overall success. Managing is about bringing out the best in staff, and also is expected to increase or maintain success, by getting the best performance possible out of people which includes the issue of organizational culture. A manager’s role is to provide proper oversight and direction to a group that is trying to accomplish a certain objective and also to maintain a productive atmosphere while conserving cost.

On the other hand a manager needs to be a role-model, although being a role model alone isn’t enough, but successful managers remain aware of the example they set for their employees. Another quality that makes a manger is for him to have good listening skills, be empathetic to all kinds of situations. The aim of a manager is to achieve good performance and meet organisational objectives. Considering new appoaches to work that employees may offer is also the philosophy of Tesco PLC. The company wants to establish a culture where everybody feels responsible for performance.

A manager should be able to delegate work appropriately, a good judge of character is necessary so that you can assess what is required of whom, who has what strengths and weaknesses. Tesco PLC is a multi national company which operates with 4331 stores across 14 countries, employs 470,000 people, and in 2009 generated ? 59. 4bn in sales. It is the largest private sector employer in England, and currently is the third largest global retailer based on revenue and the second largest based on profit.

Therefore the organizational culture of Tesco PLC is the matrix structure. In my opinion, the ability to see potential, initiative and skill in a potential worker when interviewing new staff or training or promoting existing staff – encouraging it and utilising it in the best way possible for the good of the business is what makes a manager. However, the most important quality of a manager is integrity, striving to do what is right for the team and the company without compromising ethics.

The aim of a manager is to achieve good performance and meet organisational bjectives. It is about exercising formal power and control, within a defined structure and deals with people and other resources to get things done. The manager is the one who will shape values and beliefs of the culture organisation. It is the role of a manger to have a clear philosophy on how to further improve the performance of the organisation. The Tesco’s policy is to listen and to give the customers what they want. The manager according to API on Tesco should instill a customer focus.

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