Terrorist Groups Essay

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Terrorist Groups

Terrorism by state is best defined as terrorism that is employed by a government either on its people or against other states. State terrorism can be internal or external. Internal terrorism is that in which a government commits acts of terrorism against its own people (Combs, 2013). External terrorism is committing an act of terrorism against the civilians of another state (Combs, 2013). The act of state terrorism is favored by some countries as an instrument of war because it can be camouflaged easily from an individual act rather than an act by a government.

Also by doing so leaves the terrorizing country the chance to “hit- and- run” and take out as much as possible. There is a strong chance that terrorism will become the accepted method of warfare in the future for the disenfranchised and alienated peoples because terrorist groups now have the resources to, personally and economically, support these alienated and disfranchised states (Combs, 2013).

The best way to deter these alienated people from becoming a terrorist supported state, is to help them become organized and sustainable on their own resources and government without having them rely on these terrorist groups for resources. The international community will struggle to keep these disfranchised people from becoming terrorist supported by ensuring resources and training to prevent terrorists from coming in and taking over these areas will be the best way to end it, and of course possibly fighting terrorism with terrorism.

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