Terrorist Behavior Essay

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Terrorist Behavior

After reading the article on “A Look at Terrorist Behavior” I found out some very interesting details on how they plan, prepare and also where they would strike. After reading the article I learned about approximately how close to a target a terrorist would likely live. A recent study shows that most terrorist lives closer to their target of choice. By being so close to their target they would learn and gather information quickly in aiding them to accomplish their mission. They would also end up studying a target for months or even years.

According to analysis on terrorist residence to target of all groups around 44% of them live within 30 miles of their required target. There are four types of terrorist groups international, right wing, environmental and left wing groups. However since there are different types of terrorist groups they are different. For example international terrorist mostly lived closer to their targets, when right wing terrorist live in rural areas and would selecting targets in nearby cities. Terrorist mostly use a lot of surveillance and intelligence to help them aide in founding for their group.

Most terrorist would stay close to their homes because of new immigration status and sometimes the lack of transportation. Terrorist living in urban areas are most likely would avoid attention. They are known as “lone wolves” they would target locally much uncoordinated violence such as anti-abortion extremists. Among a single-issue terrorist 77% of preparatory acts usually occurred within 12 miles and 92% occurred within 28 miles of their target. There are about a half of environmental terrorist’s acts only three fifths of them live roughly about 30 miles of their target. 5% of environmental terrorist and 59% international terrorist prepared for their target within 30 miles.

Terrorist also conduct robberies, burglaries and thefts further away about an average of 429 miles from their homes. Running Head: Terrorist Behavior. As for law enforcement the implications of finding out about the proximity and preparation and time of a terrorist attack are very significant. With the help of early intelligence this can help law enforcement a lot of time to stop terrorist before an attack. Such Intel will also help local officials to respond rapidly.

Law enforcement official must understand that most terrorist act locally and it’s important to know how to conduct a proper investigation method to seek and help prevent terrorism and also arrest perpetrators. Having a local pattern can be more efficiently in patrolling of high-risk target areas and gather enough Intel on suspected terrorist actions. Law enforcement officials will continue to understand and learn the relationship and the locations of terrorists preparation activities and their target of choice will help boost the knowledge and should help officers prevent and respond quickly to a terrorist attacks.

Another way for local police to successfully meet the challenges posed by terrorism would be a time-tested approach that emphasizes prevention must converge with new ones that focus on prediction. Local police must also add critical elements of speed, resources, and numbers to any situation when necessary. They must be able to deploy rapidly and can quickly get more forces if needed. Homeland security must be ready at all times for any terrorist acts and threats. Overall I think if our homeland security along with local police train more and learn how terrorist operates I think our country would be safe somehow from a terrorists attack.

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