Terrorism within the United States Essay

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Terrorism within the United States

Terror is a strong and overpowering fear. It’s hard to believe that some individuals’ goals are to instill this in us — to wreak havoc and destruction among the innocent. It’s becoming more and more evident with each new year. Fanatical groups around the world are slowly coming out. Terrorism, based on intimidation and fear, no longer will be cast aside: the United States will stand and fight for the freedom and values of its people.

Terrorism isn’t anything new to the United States, from The Sons of Liberty in the 1800s to al-Qaeda of the new millennium; it has been a part of our history. Two of the more notable attacks have been within the last few decades. February 26th, 1993 a man drove a Hyatt Regency rental van onto the second floor of the World Trade Center. Fifteen minutes later a shock rumbled the building. A blast instantly crushed three floors and caused numerous deaths. Fortunately, the building stood steadfast, un-deterred by the severe blow.

September 11, 2001, four hijacked planes we’re set on a collision course with the intent of destruction. One plane hit the pentagon building in Washington D.C., the 2nd plane fell in a field, and the other two crashed into the sky high World Trade Center, causing a complete collapse of both towers. It makes one think what could provoke such utter disregard for human life.

Some wonder how the hijackers prepared for absolute death: to kill themselves and innocent civilians despite the Koran’s warnings against suicide and murder. Many believe these terrorists were brain washed, manipulated by sophisticated psychological methods of repetitive readings on select passages of a skewed version of the Koran. These terrorists are cold and calculating in regards to carrying out their plan, relatively indifferent to their victims. For them, the end justifies the means.

These acts of violence threaten the way normal people live their everyday lives. We can not sit back and watch these acts unfold. The President has all the right to invade Iraq and remove the fanatical dictator; state sponsored terror will not be tolerated: “Terrorism is a cancer that requires surgery” (Worthington 225). Many argue that the United States is sticking its nose in too many places. We also send the Red Cross hundreds of¬†thousands of miles every month to the world’s greatest catastrophes. We provide humanitarian aid to many countries literally keeping civilizations alive. Aside from the aid we provide, individuals out there still want to harm us.

These murderers take pleasure in proving a point by devastation. The United States, being a world superpower, is not going to sit back while fanatical groups kill innocent people. The United States will use every bit of its resources to protect the American way of life. “No longer are warning signs ignored” (Worthington 225). The problem is people are dying, people are suffering, and people should not have to deal with this sort of animosity towards them.

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