Terrorism Case Study Essay

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Terrorism Case Study

Today my topic is going to be on Terrorism? Terrorism is defined as political violence in an asymmetrical conflict that is designed to induce terror and psychic fear through the violent victimization and destruction of noncombatant targets. With terrorism comes; violence, war, discrimination, and safety of international security. Today the country is alert of all types of situations involving terrorism. The world needs to know that stepping out of their front door isn’t going to be their last day without a bomb mysteriously landing in their front or backyard. International security is necessary because we as a whole should be secure of traveling across the world without a terrorist scare. Violence is a key factor in terrorism because once a target is set, the intent is to harm severely. We have the right to protect our land. Children are being raised under their parents roof so violence is necessary if terrorism every reached our soil. We discriminate a lot because of terrorism. Once a certain nationality induces terrorism, the world remembers them. For instance, Arabians are seriously criticized because of the 911 attack.

The country is sort of afraid of these guys because they’re not to be trusted. We’re often stereotypical of this nationality, man and woman because the whole world knows exactly what they’re capable of. War is a big concern in terrorism especially for the United States because our government is very strict of our land. Our government issues war because they aren’t afraid to let the citizens or other countries know that we’re not afraid of combat and will protect our land. Terrorism should result to war, especially if it’s on the United States soil. International security is a must have because if not, cowardly acts will always be committed. The U.S shouldn’t have to stress ourselves over hijacked planes, or marathon bombing. Specific Issues

Next, are issues pertaining to this topic are to be taken very seriously. You have political terrorism, limited political terrorism, official or state terrorism, and a civil disorder. Political terrorism is basically criminal behavior, which enforces fear on communities for political purposes. Limited political terrorism is more detrimental than just political terrorism because the targets are exact and the threat is fiercer. The aim is to strictly takeover a state when this type of issue occurs. Official or state terrorism is beyond concern because, the government issues the attacks. This act of terrorism is mainly used by a foreign country other than the United States. The government is very power and when this issue occurs, every country gets looked at and all of them become skeptical of the acts. Civil disorder is very different. This is really a scare tactic to me. Most reason a civil disorder occurs is because, an ally may not agree on the terms of a peace treaty.

Their objective is to bring fear to security and basically let their enemy know that they’re not safe and something has to be done for us to agree. Most countries believe this act of terrorism is more potent because everyone reacts to it differently. Everyone questions this type of terrorism. This is an issue that makes the world uneasy. Single issue terrorism is committed act that enforces peace. Some countries are certain that they can invade another’s land and they’ll give in and call a truce. Under any condition should this be a result. This is the act of terrorism when they start conversing about anti-nuclear war, vandalism and destruction on the opposed enemies. Most wars are bought into effect because the above issues occur. When these things happen most countries respond out of anger and fear. They look at these issues as a serious threat towards their well-being. 5 ways to deal with the issue

Dealing with terrorism isn’t easy. Coming up with five ways to deal with terrorism isn’t easier. Five common ways that I feel like will resolve or help terrorism are communication, revenue, violence, religion, and negotiation. Often communicating with the enemy helps because they’ll realize that you’re concerned, and sincere about the issue. When it comes to terrorism sometimes a simple talk can help the problem. Revenue is mostly a number one resolution to terrorism. I believe money will solve this issue because, the united states are in debt with a few countries and most issues occur because of revenue. Revenue isn’t always likely to help but, it’s a start. We as a people are mainly provoked and harassed because of revenue problems. Violence is another way to deal with terrorism because, most enemies only respect violence. Sometimes you have to show the other side that threats aren’t taking too well, and a defense mechanism should always be active.

I’m not saying invade their country but if that’s the result to respect than that’s a beautiful initiation. Imposing proper religion also helps because nowadays most countries don’t like the way we embrace their religion. We treat their standards and beliefs different from theirs and that’s a lack of respect to them and sometimes terrorism can be their response. Lastly negotiation is the proper step in resolving this issue. Negotiation is very powerful because ones intent can quickly be monitored and reversed. Terrorism should be taken seriously because at round tables these issues are addressed and if not negotiated right, an under the table decision may be made and before you know it you’ll have enemies from all over. Every negotiator thinks and plots ahead of time so this is a tactic that should be taken advantage of especially when there are lives on the line. Conclusion

My conclusion to this is simple. Whether or not you’re dealing with political, limited political, official, or civil disorder terrorism isn’t right. No one in the right state of mind should think of an act of destruction as an option to resolve a problem. You’re putting millions of lives at jeopardy and most countries are undecided about decisions when it comes to terrorism. A grudge will always be held, and for years on down the line a peace treaty still wouldn’t be able to ease the pain that was caused on that particular target. Being more respectful and considerate of other countries is a start. Every country isn’t going to like each other, every country isn’t going to agree on things but, every country should keep in mind that there are innocent people that shouldn’t be involved in the nonsense.

No one should ever be afraid of a low flying plane or getting hijacked on a plane. No one should ever feel uncomfortable competing in a marathon race and fearing a bomb blowing up. These incidents should be kept at a minimum and being that the United States isn’t strict on underestimates the other countries, actions such as these occur. I do believe in violence but once again, violence should only be enforced to a certain extent. Terrorism is one of those extents. Families have to be protected and the government has to be able to run an organized establishment to ensure that whatever country you’re living in is safe. War is always an option, revenue can reduce the threat but once one mind is made up, that’s it. As a people we should encourage ourselves to be more comprehensive of solutions. We all know terrorism isn’t right so when is it going to stop? It starts with the government and them analyzing the options after and before terrorism. More importantly though, never underestimate or provoke the enemy.

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