Terminator: The fight for the species Essay

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Terminator: The fight for the species

The average size of the hominin group can be around a thousand. This would allow for many characters to be developed. At this size the cast is big enough for the action and fight scenes. The mating system of the hominin should be polygamous with monopolizing of the females by the males. The stronger males seeking more mating partners. The diet of the hominin should be primarily vegetarian with foraging for food being a community activity. They should eat vegetables, nuts and fruits.

However as time progresses and food becomes scarce and with population rising, the hominin can include in their diet meat from fish in the Savanna body waters and other small preys. The molars should be bigger than those of humans. They should be adapted for cracking and eating hard food stuff like some roots. The ranging behavior of the hominin should show a social structure. There should be leadership and organization so that the males as well as the females act together to defend their territory from outside threats.

There should be conflict between the leadership with the old and powerful seeking to lead while the young want to lead the community to new ideas given the changes over the years. There should also be conflict between the males and females given that in a male dominated group a female heroine will arise. The conflict should also come from competition for resources like food. To get a feel of the hominin, the film and actors should observe the mountain gorilla. This is because of their size and behaviors.

The actors can then see how they carry themselves and how they interact with one another. Sequence: A group of hominin is shaking a tree and some fruits fall to the ground. Those on ground quickly pick the fruits and one says that it is not enough. Those on the tree shake some more and then climb down. As they are observing the amount gathered throwing away the rotten fruit, another bigger hominin arrives at the scene and bellows at them. The scared group drops everything. Some of them look at the new figure while look down.

He stomps his foot and orders them back on the tree. In a corner we see a female hominin peeking disturbed at the sight. The Princess Hominin For this film the cast should be about a hundred. This is because as a melodramatic comedy it doesn’t need a big cast and the story will revolve around few characters. The mating of the hominin should be monogamous. This is so that a love story can be depicted between the heroine and her love interest. The diet of the hominin should be omnivorous.

It should change to include more foods and as the years pass, exotic food can become a part of the mating process to win a lover. The molars of the hominin can be smaller resembling those of the human beings. The hominin can be shown to have a social structure close to the humans with social closeness and closeness among hominin families. They too should defend their territory. Conflict should be there between the heroine and her family. This would be based on her choice of mate who is small and skinny. Even though they are all small, the family would want someone bigger and stronger for her.

There should also be conflict between the love interest and other males who would want to win the heroine and the love interest has to prove himself worthy of the heroine. The best primate that the director and actors could look to for a feel of the hominin should be the capuchin monkey. This is because the monkey is very intelligent and small. It is very social and can carry their body size and way they carry themselves can convey the comedy. Sequence. A small female hominin is running across a field. She carries some nuts in the hands.

She stumbles and falls and the nuts are scattered. A group of young male hominin appears and begins to gather the nuts for themselves as the female looks dejected. As soon as they disappear she stands to walk away. A male hominin appears and looks at her. After staring at her he offers her a fruit that he has partly eaten. The female hominin takes it after some hesitation. Soon they are playing until a bigger female hominin comes along and call out to the young and smaller hominin. She stares at the male hominin as he is left behind.

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