Term Paper for Philosophy of Man Essay

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Term Paper for Philosophy of Man

There is no such thing as Christianity here on earth until an emperor named Constantine, a pagan, had a vision of a cross before his battle. Who knows if what he saw is true or what he saw is just a sword? (Sword has a resemblance with cross remember he’s up for a battle right? ) After his victory he was converted to Christian and planned to unite the Roman Empire by developing a religion under his control. He met all the religion leaders for a purpose: to unify everything. They have chosen only 4 out of 50 gospels that would only fit for the state religion.

They should have given it authors- Constantine and friends, since they are the one who put it together. 300 yrs. after death of Jesus the Bible was put together by less faith more to politics. Many of these Gospels that are not included in the Bible apparently disappeared later because they have unknown origins. This uncertainty about their origins was one reason many of them were excluded from the Bible. But some of them were also excluded because they expressed unorthodox views. Somehow the copies of some of them still survive at unknown locations. Luckily several have been found again.

The Gospel of Peter, Mary, Judas and St. Thomas were discovered in modern times named after peter, Mary Magdalene, Judas Escariot, and St. Thomas but those weren’t their real authors, the real authors are unknown and will probably never be identified. The gospel of Peter, the first lost gospel found (1886), contains the description of Jesus leaving the tomb after his resurrection seen by the two guards while in the New Testament the effect of the resurrection was only written. The Gospel of Mary emphasizes her prominence by presenting her as a strong leader, and by suggesting that she was the most favored disciple of Jesus and received a special revelation from him.

The gospel contains Gnostic ideas, particularly in the section which describes the revelations she received from Jesus. This connection with Gnosticism, together with the prominent role that the book gives to a female, may have led to its suppression by orthodox Christians. The Gospel of St. Thomas may preserve some authentic teachings of Jesus that are not found in the Bible. The Gospel of Judas said that Judas was the most loyal disciple of Jesus where in our bible contradicts, which says that Judas is the one who gave up Jesus in exchange of gold.

Did the church intentionally destroyed some books in order to cover up embarrasses facts about the origins of Christianity? The knowledge about the bible they are holding until know is not probably the truth, it is more on their beliefs. No one has ever proven that all written in the bible is true from Old Testament to New Testament even the genesis is questionable. It is that, we are on it for over a thousand years and will have a difficulty to adjust or understand if any will be changed because of the found lost gospels.

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