Tenure Essay Topics

Manipal University Letter Of Recommend

I am serving as Associate Professor in Department of Computer Science at Manipal University, Jaipur and before that I served for 9 years as a Professor in Department of Information Technology at Poornima College of Engineering. I am glad to hear of his decision to invest in a global academic tenure and am pleased to… View Article

My View on University Ranking

Nobody could have failed to notice the fact that university ranking has gained increasing popularity — institutions home and abroad are always interested in it; newspapers and magazines are fond of carrying the news. Unfortunately, it has also given rise to some problems never thought of. Confronted with the dilemma, should we carry on the… View Article

Reading Teacher

How should the proper balance between teacher freedom and responsibility be determined? Position 1: Fir increased Academic Freedom: * Schools are at the center of local debates about touchy subjects such as, morals, sex and sexual orientation, religion, politics, economics, racism, and a host of other social value controversies. * Censorship denies, defeats, or diminishes… View Article

Financial Exigency in Universities

Financial Exigency is a state of financial crisis, commonly a judicially accepted condition permitting an educational institution to terminate programs and eliminate staff positions, including those of tenured faculty. Every college and university experiences some form of financial hardship at one time or another. The financial problems plaguing local and state governments in recent years… View Article