Ten Years Plan Essay

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Ten Years Plan

That’s pretty hard to determine but in the next ten years I can see myself at the University of Alabama at Birmingham obtaining a degree in forensic science. In ten years, I plan on obtaining a 4.0 in my field and becoming recognized on the dean’s list.I also plan on getting a job because i could use the money to help support me and my family if I have one. Although those are my dreams and my hopes, there could be an outcome to change my mind or a factor to where my requirements are not met. If I were not to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham, my second choice would be to attend the University of Alabama and major in chemical engineering. If this is possible, I would like to obtain a job in this field to help my dream in becoming a forensic scientist.

While I’m in college, I plan on playing football for whatever school I’m attending and starting at middle linebacker. I also plan on becoming a tutor for those students in need of help outside of the classroom. Although I will be focused on my academics, I will also be involved in the social life around school. In the next ten years, I plan on becoming a member of the outstanding fraternity Omega Psi Phi and becoming a “Que Dawg”.I don’t see myself partying or out late in ten years because education will help me become further in tact with my future career or occupation.

In the next ten years i don’t plan on having a family or getting married but who knows…….the world is full of surprises and changes. If I were to have children, i would have to continue going to school while I take care of them. Although I don’t plan on having children soon, they would only be my inspiration to further my education. I would do this because not only would i want and need an education to provide for my family, I would also want to be an influence for my children.

I think I really need this scholarship because it can help me success further in life through academics and also take away the stress from debt and loans. I am determined to get into a college and study to become forensic scientist and hopefully start a business in my own lab.

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