Ten Secrets to the Women’s Complex Way Essay

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Ten Secrets to the Women’s Complex Way

Women have been confusing men since time began so I’ve decided to research why they confuse us so much. The fact is that the male mind processes language more in terms of facts and outcomes where the female mind responds much more to emotion and empathy. Secret number two, Women rely on being comfortable with us, they hate to feel awkward and will try very hard to avoid being in an awkward situation, a woman evaluates how comfortable she is with you from the first moments together…. and she uses her comfort level as an indicator of how comfortable you are with yourself.

Only when she is comfortable will she be willing to open up emotionally, mentally, and physically. The best way to avoid this is to not go on dinner dates, or anything overdone, but if you go somewhere calm and simple like a coffee shop or to the beach, and when you do go on these dates remember tip number one talk with her and not facts about yourself, and with this the date it should go smooth. Secret number three, don’t argue with her. When a women gets mad at you for you doing something wrong like leaving your socks on the floor or anything like that.

The truth is they probably aren’t even mad about the socks in the first place they just want to be reassured, so give her a hug that says “I’m here for you and you’re not alone” and make her feel safe. Then when she begins to calm down, then you can discuss the point at hand. And while this is going on its good to ask her how her day is and find out what’s really bugging her. Secret number five “RESPECT”. Women just want respect but in order to respect your girl you must first respect yourself. Respect is what will allow her to be comfortable enough and develop enough trust to open up to you.

Respect in this sense means a few key things. It means that she allows you to be with her and trust you not to try and control her, and it also means that you respect what’s important to her even if its shopping for shoes for three hours or getting ready for two hours, and doing what you say you are going to do when you say you will do it. She just wants to be able to rely on you and the way that can happen is to show her respect and trust. Secret number six “they aren’t really complicated”. Women are always emotionally in the moment.

This means it doesn’t matter what feelings she’s had before, what she feels now will determine what she thinks, she will often remember the “screw ups” more clearly than the positives, and her tendency to communicate emotionally and inwardly often leave men shaking their heads in an attempt to understand what women are really saying and more importantly what they really want. So what does this mean? It means they just want to be loved and share moments of compassion and emotional connection. Secret number seven “they want to be important”. The female will often test you by making requests of you.

Of course, sometimes she needs something and wants your assistance but other times she is testing you to see where on your priority list she falls. This means she wants to be on your list of importance but she doesn’t want to be above your mission in life, a women doesn’t want to see you lose your way in your mission because that will just make her less attracted to you, she will be more attracted when you take lead of your life and help other men lead theirs. Because if you can’t take care of your own needs how will you ever be able to take care of hers.

Secret number eight “she doesn’t want to be seen as flawless or too perfect”. A woman wants a man who isn’t afraid to take a lead, she wants him to be down to earth, and most definitely doesn’t want the perfect approach, but she doesn’t want the player approach either, she wants that guy who women want but a guy who doesn’t date every girl who wants him, after that she wants you to be able to relate Remember, women love and need to be loved and as such they evaluate relationship potential very early in your courtship.

To her, a player or a smooth operator does not represent someone who can provide and care for her physically, emotionally, or spiritually to her and accept her imperfections, and someone who she can see herself in a relationship with. So when your with her be yourself and let her see that your aren’t superman but you will always be there for her.

Secret number ten “they like femininity”. Ever since the early 1970’s women feel as if they need to be a bit more masculine and to be able to be self-sufficient and independent. But she will still require a strong masculine presence in her life to love and satisfy her needs. So in conclusion you need to learn the rules to play the game, and you’ll win.

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