Ten Critical Areas of Operations Management

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The critical decision area of product and service design as applied by management of Hard Rock café is shown by their modification of their menu from the traditional American burgers and chicken wings to the higher-end items such as stuffed veal chops and lobster tails. The decision to put emphasis on live music in the restaurants amounts to service design. Product design is also shown by the changing menu, memorabilia services and strategies in addition to redesigning of the restaurants to accommodate the changing tastes.

The introduction of a retail section to sell and collect rock and roll memorabalia also constitutes an aspect of product design. Quality management is one of the areas the management of Hard Rock cafes have concentrated on. Evidence of quality management is shown by the management’s decision to hire employees who are not only competent but also passionate about music in addition to having engaging personalities, the management also conducts regular surveys to evaluate the quality of food and services at the café.

Any problems or low quality products and services are noted. The management has also come up with score cards for the various foods and services which is based on a scale of between 1 and 7. Highest quality foods are scaled at 7. All other lower quality goods of a score of less than 7 are deemed as failures. The setting up of the website to ensure customers are able to review the cafes performance is another indirect quality control measure. Process and capacity design is applied in Hard Rock cafes and is shown by the scheduling down of café staff in 15 minute intervals to, meet daily and seasonal changes in demand.

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The redesigning of the restraunts to conform to the changing tastes of the customers also constitutes capacity design. The switch from classic American burger and chicken wings to higher end foods constitutes a change in the process design.

Location is another area of operations management which Hard Rock café has concentrated on. The decision to move their global headquarters to Orlando, Florida in the US from the birth home of the café; gave Hard Rock café the perfect platform to reach a greater global audience. The move to the US which is mainly a Rock and Roll nation in terms of fan base also helped improve the customer base of the café, this move has seen the café expand to over 40 locations throughout the US. Location of one of its cafes at Orlando universal studios which Is a traditional tourist destination was a master piece decision in terms of location and this is shown by the 3,500 meals served per day in this location alone. Layout design includes the change in the design of the restraunts so that it changes with the changing times.

The continuous change in the menus, layout memorabalia, services and strategies also represents a change in the layout of the business. The introduction of the Hard Rock café website together with the cafés own weekly television program on VH-1 represents an addition to the layout design since it’s an addition to the way the café interacts with its customers and vice versa. Human resource and job design .employees of Hard Rock cafes are not only competent but are also passionate about music. The employees also have engaging personalities which is a major advantage considering that Hard Rock cafes is a service industry player where customer relations are highly prioritized.

The fact that the store hires more than 400 workers also means that the employees are not overworked. It also ensures customers get personalized attention. Supply chain management. The setting up of the retail section of the café to deal with the sale of the rock and roll memorabalia ensures that customers who are involved in the collection of memorabalia are able to access the café products. Inventory management is another area of operations management which Hard Rock café has excellently dealt with. Redesigning of the restraunts so as increase space utilization and provision of enough materials to serve up to 100,000 meals a day is an example of inventory management


The decision to schedule café staff to 15-minute intervals so as to meet the increasing daily and seasonal demand is a good example of scheduling as a critical area in operations management. Employment of competent, passionate and engaging employees who are able to easily interact with the customers represents a scheduling decision. Setting up of the retail shop to cater for customers interested in dealing with rock and roll memorabalia is also a scheduling decision. Maintenance as an area of operations management is illustrated by the decision to maintain quality by setting up a scale of quality ranging between 1 and 7,setting up of a website and a television channel so that customers are able to give their views on the café is also a maintenance measure.

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