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Television shows

For the present society, television shows are almost considered as a part of the lifestyle and culture of the modern people. Almost every individual in the society have their own favorite television program which they patronize which varies basically due to the factor of preference, time availability, morality and others. Each television program in the modern broadcast industry as their own theme and cultural nature that the show creatively explores to entice the interest and enthusiasm of the public.

For the broadcast networks, having a rated television program which the general public patronize is a good investment as this can promote their main line of revenue namely paid advertisement. By critically analyzing the television program in the present broadcast industry, one can actually see that majority of these programs tackle current social issues and trends however, these are presented in a different view.

Usually, television programs offer a symbolical perspective on the subject making it more interesting and captivating to the audience as its offers a somewhat imaginative scenario where the public can relate with. A good example of this program nature is the primetime hit television show entitled “Lost”. The television program entitled “Lost” was actually written and designed to produce an imaginative scenario of surviving a plane crash and being stranded on a mysterious island that has an unknown location.

While in isolation, the survivors must struggle against the environment for their survival, against themselves for personal development and against the mysterious inhabitants as their search for a way to communicate with the world. By critical observation, one can learn that the main objective of the show is to show a different view towards dominant social issues such as unity, cooperation, system of leadership and others through the eyes of the small community of the survivors.

In this show, the large global community with cultural diversity and other issues has been minimized through the contingent of the survivors as they establish a mutual relationship between each of them and their temporary home. In this show, there are several examples of reality warp or presentation of mystery. For example, the presence of a polar bear in a tropical island, uncharted location of the island, and the presence of laboratory hatches in an isolated place produce certain mysterious characteristic to the program.

As the story develops, other mysteries are also explored such as the reason for the plane crash and the nature of the island and its native inhabitants. Much of the story is presented through the use of symbols. General concepts and ideas in the show are mainly represented through certain materials and items that are explicitly used in the program’s story. Foe example, the item of guns and other armaments represent power in the issues of struggle between the plane crash survivors and the inhabitants of the mysterious island.

Another is the item of wireless intercom or “walkie talkie” presents the idea of difference between the two struggling factions making the inhabitants more sophisticated and better organized than the survivors as they have a mean for communication. All throughout the program’s story, each episode is centralized on a certain character wherein several flashbacks in his or her life will be presented to explain his or her present ideology or philosophy while in the island. Through this approach, viewers will better understand the story characters and their personal reason as to why he or she did his or her decision.

Regarding the program advertisements, by analyzing the selection of products and/or services that are commercialize during the program’s timeslot, once can actually argue that the show is intended for general viewing mainly on the adult bracket making them the main marketing target for this program’s advertisement. Some specific commercials are cars, dress or fashion accessories, children’s apparel, technological gadgets and household products which are generally products for economically-capable adults. In general, the television program entitled “Lost” is a show that offers an alternative scenario in a creatively enhanced reality.

Surviving plane crash and being stranded on a mysterious island is indeed a captivating storyline for the adult society who are basically looking for some thrills and adventures in the routinary life. Through this program, viewers are offered an interesting experience to witness how to survive in an island, establish harmonious and cooperative relationship in a group and struggle against forces that are more advance and familiar with the environment while struggling to be rescued and competing against oneself for personal development.

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