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Television people Essay

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For the very first time on television people were seeing images on television boxes of people who they were expected to be like. This is very true to the time with women being at home either doing the cooking or cleaning. In the very first adverts the technology used was not particular good compared to the standards of today life, which shows how modern day life has helped the technological advances though out the years. Families on the television where portrayed as outstanding citizens wearing there best clothes at dinner time with the children being courteous to what ever the parents said.

Children have always been used in adverts. Children also effect or are effected by the society and culture of the day By this, the year 2000 children are now shown as more independent, and as young adults. But does that show the society of the day. The first thing that you will notice about the families, and more importantly, the children in the adverts of 1950 are that they are all dressed up nicely, and speak very good English, that would, nowadays, be called posh. The classic picture from the 1950s advert was that the entire family would sit down to evening meal together.

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Children would still be wearing what they had on for school, though the clothes would likely be as clean as they had been when they had left for school as opposed to being scruffy. In the 1950s there were no real children in adverts aimed at children. In an advert where the advertiser wanted to use children, those children would be animated or draw as cartoon characters. This is because of the fact that the advertisers didn’t like using children due to the fact that other children might fell like they like the children on the screen and feel spiteful towards them.

This in turn would cause the child not to go out and buy the product that the companies are selling. If the child is a cartoon that problem is overcome. To add to this, you can do a lot more with cartoons than you can with real children. For example, there could be more violence. This is proven with cartoons like “Tom and Jerry”, where the producers were able to use violence a lot more, since they weren’t using real animals and no animals would get hurt. During the 1950s, children under the age of 11 were stereotyped.

There were two types of child, which were; the macho male and the maternal female The Lego adverts of the time showed this perfectly. The boys in the advert would be building Lego cars, and trucks. However the women would be creating the little house. This is very much like the time and it wasn’t until the 1970s that women gained more independence. As we come to the 1960s we see a new depiction of children. Then there was the mischievous little boy. This was considered to be a different type of child than those that had been previously shown (such as the stereotyped macho male).

However, in that age, hose sort of children were slowly coming through and replacing the well dressed children that we had seen at the dinner table at the start of the 1950s. As television was a novelty in the 1950′ being only recently released, most people watching television felt that they should portray them selves as seen on the screen. Because of this the couture of England changed. People all felt that the people on the screen were important and the message that they were say and the actions they are doing should be remembered.

Replication of these action were then passed in to modern day actives with mothers realizing that if a child was given a certain type of breakfast meal i. e. ready break then there children would not get cold even on the coldest days. These sort of adverts portrayed ideas to the people watching, changing the way they do things as well as changing the couture they live in. Punishment was different today, and was much more severe compared to today. In an advert you would see a teacher hanging a child on a coat rack.

This would cause uproar in today’s society, however at the time would have been quite normal. This type of punishment and worse was dealt out at schools throughout the country, and was used by advertisers to sell a product. This has since changed in to days society as if any thing like that had happened in to days school the teach would most probably be sacked. The society has changes as views in adverts had also changed. It was especially used because of the whole mischievous child idea that had come forward. Around this time the next thing up from mischievous child was the gang.

Advertisers were especially attracted to using the gang in their adverts because most children wanted to be in one. As you can imagine, selling a product off the back of the gang was very product full for the company. Also as the mischievous child was replaced with the gang, advertisers began to use teenagers instead of children in those adverts that previously used children and the ideas surrounding children as a way to sell their product. As the gang idea moved forward and teenagers began being used as opposed to children the concept of popularity was used a lot more in adverts.

In the mid 60s, came the first use of pop music of pop music in adverts. The gang would often be used alongside to boost popularity even more. Towards the end of the 60s came the ‘Mods’ and ‘Rockers’. This really did reflect the society that people lived in with gangs fighting each other down at Brighton. Advertises would use the attraction of the gangs and sell products which would appeal to each other group. This was shown with the Mods wanting to be up to date on most things which were on sale i. e. music and hair cuts.

These two groups represented the two types of teenager of the time and were really the next step up from the gang. Continuing the trend, popularity was becoming very much more important in the society of the day. The TV program “Ready, Steady, Go” which was popular around that time was used to sell products. However, you will notice that at this time, the people that targeted people with ideas such as the gang and its popularity were advertising ‘Rice Crispies’. This would not have happened today because the targeted age group would have more money.

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