Television it worst

The Rodriguez family comes home after a tough day for everyone at school, work and home. Each one comes and goes to a different location of the apartment. Coincidentally comprise all television in a different place to watch your favorite show. Each day releases stress and can relax and unwind from the daily grind. For many people across the modern world, this routine seems familiar. However, what is relaxing for many to bring problems to the population of children. For excessive television for children is not good.

Research has been conducted to confirm this.

They have made the following observations; see much television brings negative effects on children and youth. A negative effect of television on children is laziness. Since we spend many hours in front of a TV, the programs are very amusing and are designed to create addiction. Studies have shown that kids spend more time watching television than practicing physical activity. In addition, they create health problems such as childhood obesity, because many ads present junk food, as healthy alternatives.

These ads are designed to get your attention and make that wish to consume.

Another problem with the TV and children is that children may have difficulty distinguishing between what is real and what is not. For our children everything they watch on TV is real, if you explain that it is not. For them discriminate between truth and fiction is very difficult because they have developed that sense yet. It is very important to restrict the programs high content of violence, and that be causing serious damage to the psychological level.

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A child exposed to television violence becomes aggressive, pessimistic, less imaginative and lower academic performance.

Finally, television can take the kids to see the world the wrong way. Television programs are most popular children developed by advertisers. To keep your child glued to the TV and broadcasting information on how unreal environment. In addition it provides negative ways as socialize with others. Bring a chain of errors, which can make the child finish with serious psychological problems or the hardest drove him to suicide. All the information is backed by different studies conducted by the Academy of Pediatrics and various nonprofit organizations. To conclude, television has changed the way we entertain ourselves and acquire as involuntary information. So you have to control the amount of time and the programs we see on TV. For the sake of our children of today who will be tomorrow’s adults.


When you visit the various places of Puerto Rico will most likely have observed children. Most of our children are overweight or obese. This is because the bearing sedimentary life. Many of these children do not practice any sport or just come to their houses to play video games, computers or any other peaceful game. Another problem faced is the lifestyle of their parents, it is easier to buy food at “fast food” to make food at home. Because of the short time they have their parents and the facilities and quickly acquired these meals. Over time they begin to leave many of these health problems from obesity. One of the reasons for this epidemic are concerned about the serious health problems that have children. One of these diseases is called type 2 diabetes. According to studies, when suffering from this disease in infancy confront serious problems when you are a young adult.

These diseases are high pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, among others. They are very serious diseases that affect the person very early in their lives. So the child can lead to disastrous results and do not want our children are suffering from these diseases. Another area that affects childhood obesity is on the child’s self-esteem. Since they are teased or overweight by presenting. Obese children are rejected by others like the feel different in appearance. This triggers a serious psychological problem for the child, often taking him to suffer from depression at an early age. When this being, continues to develop marginalized to others reaches adolescence and its psychological disorders might lead to suicide by never accepted as is. Finally, another aspect that affects the obese child is the ability to develop into a sport.

Because they can’t move skillfully and gets tired very quickly. Making the child is not motivated to do some sport. For girls, the maturity may come too early in their lives. These changes will bring premature menstruation. There are many changes that their bodies undergo this epidemic, many times they are not to blame for their eating habits. To conclude, childhood obesity in Puerto Rico is a matter of importance. Our children will suffer many critical health conditions in the future. If today as their parents do not take action on diet and physical activity, rather change our lifestyle for their health. If we are start with small changes today will accomplish great changes in the future.

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