Telegraph Essay Topics

Account for the similarities

The first thing that strikes me is the layout of both articles. They are presented very differently. The layout of the Guardian is easy to read, unlike The Telegraph, which has smaller print. It contains a large map showing the area in which the crime was committed, so the audience can relate to the area…. View Article

Compare and contrast the presentation

“Horror of killer food bug. ” This quotation, the headline from the Express newspaper, confirms, in quite a concise amount of words, the stereotypical and distinguishing points of a tabloid newspaper. These points being the following that tabloids are sensationalist, try to provoke your emotions by using highly emotive language, tend to report on local… View Article

The Sun’s heading

The first section is a summary of what has happened. The next section titled “Hysterical” is called a “cross-head” which is common in tabloid newspaper. It describes in a state of hysteria a grief that the baby girl has got killed because of her grandparents’ guard dogs which are expected to look after the family… View Article

The Telegraph

When the telephone did not exist, what device did people use for communications? The telegraph was the answer, made by Samuel F. B. Morse. An invention that could transmit an electric pulse across a cable to send messages. This invention was looked poorly upon at the beginning of its time. But one man had the… View Article