Teens on the right path with sports Essay

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Teens on the right path with sports

During this time, most teenagers are trying to figure who they are, who are the people they can depend on, and where they belong in this world. Without guidance from some sort of positive authority, teens can be led down the wrong path. Teens need structure and goals to keep their minds on the right track. Sports can be a great activity to help teens stay on the correct path. It teaches discipline and keeps their minds focused, it is a chance to meet new friends with the same interest, and they will have positive motivators and supporters to help them (Logan n.pag.). Teenagers can get bored very easily when they do not have anything to do. During that free time, instead of doing something productive, some teens tend to get into trouble. Learning a new sport is a great way to take up that free time (Logan n.pag.)

It will take practice and dedication in order to do well in a sport. With that in mind, teens will be more focused on mastering their skills, which keeps them away from bad influences. Teens trying to figure out who their friends are can be a challenging. Instead of choosing a more positive group of people to hang out with, they choose a negative crowd who looks past their goals and mostly seek popularity. The group of friends a teen chooses can have a great effect on them staying on the right path. Sports give them the opportunity to interact with people who are on top of their studies and dedicated to the sport they play. It is a great influence on a teen who is struggling to find the right group of friends, and it is a better chance to keep them on the right track.

Another issue during the teenage era is the problems they face as they are becoming older. Teens are now developing changes within themselves and around them (Logan n.pag.). They may be going to a new school or moving away from home and their friends. It can be a very frustrating time for them. Teens can channel that negative energy through sports. It will keep them from taking out that frustration through violence that can lead them in
serious trouble. They will also have positive motivation and support from their teammates and coaches (Logan n.pag.).

There are several other reasons teens should consider sports during their free time. It will keep them in physical shape, which is a great way to build self-confidence (Logan n.pag.). Athletes are now required to maintain a certain grade point average in school; therefore teens will be focused on their academics (Logan n.pag.).

For most teens these reasons for participating in sports has made a positive impact in their lives, but for some it is not guaranteed that sports will keep them out of trouble (Bass n.pag.). Some teens were raised around sports and grew up playing them when they were kids, so it is almost second nature to them. With that in mind, teens can still make bad decisions even while playing sports. Teens will sometimes stick away from their teammates and choose the negative crowd to hang with or some of their teammates are bad influences, causing that teen to interact in mischief with their teammate. A lack of parental support or control can have a negative effect on them. If something is going on with that teen and their coaches, teammates, friends, or some school administrative figure is not there to support them, they only people they have left are their parents or guardians. It is very important for the parents or guardians to be active in their teen’s lives (Bass n.pag.).

If they do excel in a sport, popularity can take control and they will feel they do not have to obey the rules or authority (Bass n.pag.). This is why it is so crucial to have positive motivators, supporters, and influences, so that if a sport does cause a negative influence they will have guidance to keep them on the right track. Teen participation in sports has many positive benefits. Although it may not be as effective for some teens, for the majority of them, it has caused great impacts throughout their teenage years.

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