Teens Marriage Essay

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Teens Marriage

People under the age of eighteen should not be allowed to get marry, because at the end of the day they’re still teenagers. Even though they are young adults, they still don’t get the meaning of being married and I don’t think they would be mature enough to take that responsibility, their mentality is not ready yet to play that role. Many young adults marry so young because of various reasons. Numerous of teenagers get marry because of pregnancy. However, it’s almost never the case of marrying someone because of love, which is the way many marriages should be based on. Sadly it is not. Pregnancy is the most common reason why young adults get married so young. Some guys feel that if they get their girlfriend pregnant, that it’s their job to take care of their responsibility, which should never be the case.

If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are not ready to take the big step by getting married and supporting each other, then you should never feel that it’s what you have to do for the baby. It will only cause more confusion for the kid. A seventy percent of this kids, when their parents get divorced they end up doing something bad, like getting into drugs or alcohol. So its way better if you don’t get married at a young age. Today’s generation of young adults live their lives so differently. In the United States, half of teen marriages dissolve within fifteen years of the marriage. The reason of this is because many young adults jump right into marriages without any experience.

For instance, I’m pretty sure that when teenagers under the age of twenty get married their usually just leaving their parents care and aren’t use to taking care of themselves as far as paying bills, groceries, car insurance and other things that come along with being a responsible adult. When you move out and get married things change. If you want to be supported by your spouse then you have to do the same. Never jump right into a marriage if you’re not ready, it’s only going to make the marriage worst and it will end earlier than you had anticipated on.

As a conclusion, there is an overwhelming body of evidence to demonstrate that marriages between young partners simply do not last. At 16, you can’t drive, vote, serve actively in the Army, drink or buy cigarettes. Clearly, someone who is not of an age to be given full responsibility for their life should not be encouraged to marry and start a family. We need to accept that teens, whilst being normally sexually active, are simply not mature enough to marry. This is why I think that people under the age of eighteen should not be allowed to get marry.

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