Teenagers: Psychology and Personality

Teenagers are in the state or process of growing up. They are currently in the period of time for maturity and character development. It involves the improvement of a person to have a pleasing personality. The generation is aiming to have an acceptable behavior and attitude. This process is very adventurous and crucial because every teenager has a distinct and strange character that needs improvement. Some teenagers depend their personalities with people they encounter. An example from (Solis, 2013) “Teens, in their own way, manage their Facebook presence to portray their desired persona while masking information they don’t want others to know or learn.

” From that, we can say that teenagers have a lot of things to develop. Teenagers tend to pretend or act like somebody they are not. That is why personality development is needed of the generation because we all see that improvement will be a big help to be their selves and be who they are.

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Teenagers today have unique personalities such as favorable disposition, innovativeness, and bad figure.

Favorable disposition is the kind of personality or behavior that should be developed and inherited by a teenager. This involves their care and love for their family and friends. The favorable disposition is reliable for the love and happiness of a family. Another is, innovativeness, it includes the imaginative, productive and prolific attitude of a person. This type of personality is responsible to make a person extra happy with the help of his/her friends.

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Lastly is the bad figure. This attitude includes the negative behavior of the generation. For example, they are socially gullible and careless of what they are doing and saying. All in all, we can say that teenagers are a big mystery when it comes to their personality development.

The generation deals with people in their daily lives, this means that people is a big impact and influence to teenagers. They develop their morals and actions with people around them. Teenagers are known to copy or reenact what other people do. In order to have a great personality, a teenager must be guided and must be aware with whom they are talking to, dealing to, and accompanying. The people around them should raise extra awareness to the environment they deal. It is important to understand the environment of teenagers to lead them on the right way they should get through. Another type of influence to the personality of a teenager is the social media. Social media is a big impact to the lives of every teenager. It becomes their daily basis of life. Have you seen a teenager without Facebook, Twitter, or the likes? I can say that teenagers depends their lives on technology.

From an article (Journal of Adolescent Health) “These results provide evidence that friends’ online behaviors should be considered a viable source of peer influence,” that explains how teenagers act online. When teenagers are online, they are expressive and free. They say whatever they want and do what they want. That means, teenagers are prone to negative influences when they deal online. Social media is most likely the bad influence to teenagers nowadays. Teenagers inherit the bad figure they shouldn’t value. Teenagers must be able to learn and utilize their use of social media. To sum it up, teenagers are likely to develop their personality with the influence of their environment.

Teenagers are probably having a hard time when it comes to their personality development. From time to time, teenagers will understand what is wrong and what is right. Attention and respect must be given to everyone to develop a favorable character. They need extra care and people that can provide them love and care to guide them as they grow older. The generation must learn to properly interact with people and the environment. Personality is an essential part of a human being and to have a happy and healthy life, one must develop and inherit a pleasing and respectful personality.

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Teenagers: Psychology and Personality
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