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Essay on Teenager

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Hot Cheetos "Junk food"

Hot Cheetos will always be sold, but it is up to the adult, as a parent to take charge of their children’s health, before lamenting something. Studies and nutritionists can only do so much in trying to help us to know what it is we are putting into our bodies. As stated by ABC News, the Yale-New Haven Teachers, and the Chicago Tribune Hot Cheetos are not a healthy snack for children, teenagers, ...

Summary of a Book The Blind Side

As Big Tony drove east he left what was, in effect, a secondhand city occupied by black people and entered the place for which it had been exchanged: a brand-new city, created by Born Again white people. And now here came Big Tony, chugging along in his beat-to-hell Taurus, chasing after them.” P.G. 45. I find this passage very important in the book because it talks about how Big tony was just t...

Wise Judgment Scenario

Also having jobs and an established place is a big deal. They do not want to have the burden of having a baby and not having anyway of raising the baby. Also it says that he is encouraging her into having sex, and I think that this is a form of peer pressure and on his behalf is not fair. Younger teenage girls are very vulnerable when it comes to having a boyfriend interested in being with them. S...

Development of the Adolescent

This demonstrates how scared he is, because he is afraid to try and believes that something will go wrong. However, if he is not not willing to put himself out there, he will not get anywhere. Holden's struggles with identity are a normal part of the process of getting through adolescence, and his changes in personalities, names, and thoughts reflect his constant building of identity. In order to ...

K-pop and Filipino Teens

The fast growing population of KPOP groups can't be deny in South Korea nowdays. But the fact is not easy to be an Korean Idol (soloist, Boyband, Girlband and even Band). Most of them must do training period first, it called pre-debut trainee, it lasted for 2 to 3 years, and many of them must do training up to 5 years before debut. In this training their learned vocal and also dancing. The history...

Scientific View of Pedophilia as a Disorder

The research also suggests that to call the offender a stranger would be misleading because the victim had already been acquainted with the offender for a time through the internet (Mitchell et al, 2004). Mitchell et al states that there is difficulty in confronting the reality that teenagers as young as 13 are willing to enter into sexual relations with people they meet online (Mitchell et al, 20...

Book Response Burned by Ellen Hopkins

Ethan speeds up in attempt to lose the patrolman, but loses control of his car and crashes. Pattyn wakes up in the hospital, to find out that both Ethan and their baby are dead. Her father disowns her, unable to bear the recent events. Pattyn is left with a life changing decision in the end; shoot and kill all those who caused her pain and Ethan and their baby's deaths, or move on? Pattyn states t...

The Destructors by Graham Greene

The gang of teenagers is symbolism of the new generation, sons of destruction who thrive to bitterly be disassociated from anything before them. Feeling disconnected from the past, with the upcoming changes, the gang has a feeling of superiority above the elderly. Similarly in the reality of today, we hide the guilt within us, no matter how harmless it feels, the wrong will always leave evidence o...

Consumerism of Teens and Their Magazines

It’s about that time that teen magazines incorporate more articles about family relationships, instead of boyfriend, girlfriend relationships. Girls read these magazines and take the messages stated to the heart, making them change their image because they think that by doing so it will make them more popular. The writers of teen magazines need to stop being so money hungry, and start making art...

A Problem of Teen Gambling

A specialist in gambling addiction will be your best bet. Your first session will be known as an intervention. (Gambling 101," 2011) •Distraction can work well in breaking a gambling habit, if the habit hasn't become too much of a problem. Try finding a new hobby or something better to do. Just having something to take your mind off gambling can go a long way toward helping you stop. Be realisti...

Language Features in A Clockwork Orange

For example, when Burgess writes "and made for me with his zoobies clenched and showing yellow and his nails ready for me like claws". The overall effect of the form, structure and language that Burgess has expertly interwoven together is that it allows for more arresting and prominent features of the dystopian nature of the novella to be highlighted in a way that is uncomfortable and yet very com...

Teen Pregnancy Outline

For the most part, teens don’t plan on becoming pregnant. There are numerous conflicts that arise from becoming pregnant as a teen. The lives of the mother and the child often suffer immensely. According to the book Teenage Pregnancy and Poverty, “a child born to a teenage dropout is ten times more likely to live in poverty by the time he or she is eight to twelve years old” (Miller, 1...

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