Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Teenage Pregnancy

In years past teen pregnancy created problems in several countries. However in the United States among teenagers, teen pregnancy rose, but there was no help from programs like the National Geographic’s channel, and Teen Mom that aired on MTV. Individuals saw a version of what might have been with cameras rolling, however if the cameras are not rolling then life takes on a different meaning. When someone is not paying for your chance at fame out in the world and your problems are exposed on television all you would have to turn to are yourself and your newborn baby. Anonymous. Issues in science and Technology, Jan 1, 2005, Vol .21, No 3 (Spring 2005), P 65-70 Retrieved April 7, 2013, from ProQuest database. This article represented the work of Sarah S. Brown and what she has done with the campaign for preventing teen Pregnancy the article was well done and depicted lots of information about Sarah work. Sarah represents the director of National Campaign for Teenage Pregnancy. The article gives an explanation of why teenagers should refrain from having sex, and it’s the best way of preventing pregnancy between teenagers. This article shows that it was peered reviewed. Malcolm, D Targeting teenage single mothers. The Lancet, Vol. 342, No. 8877 (October 16, 1993), p. 978. Retrieved April 7, 2013, from the ProQuest Database. The article was very interesting, and described that there was 45,000 single teenaged mothers in the United Kingdom in 1993, which is a growing concern for teenagers around the world and not just the United Kingdom. In the United States the article stated that President Clinton will face challenges pertaining to women’s Health. The article also presented lots of information pertaining to the United States and the United Kingdom. This article was also peered reviewed.

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