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Teen Literacy

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Essay, Pages 3 (669 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (669 words)

This affect stays with people through out their lives and affects adults as well. There are cures but they do take a while to work. If people don’t practice the cures everyday then they will not be as effective. Teachers have noticed many grammar mistakes in children’s writing and on their homework. It is the teachers responsibility to correct the children’s mistakes.

A new language has developed through the social medium of text messaging. Abbreviations and slang have replaced vocabulary.

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Is it possible that text messaging is disintegrating children’s knowledge of proper sentence structure? Texting is a huge part of teenagers lives. Teenagers start to receive cell phones at the age of 12. . I believe this is a really young age to start receiving cell phones. Teenagers literacy is affected by texting. If they receive phones younger, their literacy gets worse as the years progress.

Girls literacy is affected more than guys because girls are more bound to text than guys.

2/3 of teens surveyed in the Pew research claim they are more apt to text with their phones than actually speak. The cure to fixing teenagers literacy is making them write. If you make your son or daughter write long paragraphs and point out where they abbreviated or spelt something wrong, it will make them want to correct what was wrong because they don’t want to do it again. Although, many teenagers do not want to practice writing, they do not only have to practice by writing, they can practice while texting.

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If they start to spell words out while texting, they will learn the proper way to spell it and won’t want to abbreviate, because they will realize that spelling the whole word out properly only took two more seconds than abbreviating. . School also plays a big role in affecting teen literacy. Teachers take on a huge roll for students writing, and literacy.

It is the teachers job to correct teens when abbreviating a word in an essay. If teachers don’t correct students, students will think it is okay to keep writing the way their writing and will never want to fix it. . Considering most teachers also texted when they were teens and still text now, it is harder for them to find some of the mistakes an older teacher would find, because their minds have been corrupted with the texting world. Teachers also enjoy using abbreviations while texting because it does same time, when trying to type or write something really long.

No one is destroying the English language, the English language just keeps changing. This is due to texting, there is no one to blame. It has been proved, that “hyper-texting” does exist, but what is “hyper-texting”? “Hyper-texting” is sending more than 120 texts a day. This can lead if an increased risk of smoking, drinking, physical violence and sexual activity. Since texting has become a huge part of peoples lives, cell phone companies have tried to figure out a way to improve peoples spelling mistakes and abbreviations.

Recently, all cell phones have been give auto correct. This helps everyone learn how to correctly type a message and fix any mistakes that may have been created. Teen literacy has been affected in many ways, texting is only one but major way it has been affected. Teen’s grammar appears to really be changing in homework. It is the teacher’s responsibility to do their job and correct children when they are wrong, but teachers were once teenagers and don’t always catch mistakes because they abbreviate as well.

There is a social as well as a physical impact on teenagers lives. Many people try to present change as a negative way, but its not a good idea. Children are just going with society, there is no one to blame but society. With texting, teens always feel connected with their friends, they’re never alone. “About 75 percent of 12- to 17-year-olds in the United States own cellphones, and 75 percent of these teens send text messages.

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