Teen Activists: Craig Kielgurger and Faye Carey

What is teen activism? Teen activism is when teens go around the world and speek out to change the world. It takes pashon, sport, goals, and volintering to become a teen activist. Teen activists have to nice, kind, strong, peaceful, hopeful, and have a pashon. These are all thigs that teen activists like Craig Kielgurger and Faye Carey need.

Craig Kielburger Shocked!

One day the day it all started for Craig kielburger. He was reading a news artical about a boy named Iqbal Masih who got murdered after speeking out says the articale “A Connection a World Away”.

Craig kielburger a 36 year old man who is trying to rid the world of chiled labor. Child labor is when people take kids and put them in factors and other placeis but there was some things that came in the way of what he was doing like his parints would not let him skip school to go around the world says the artical “one childs labor of love”.

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Teen activists faced chanlinges here are some things that Craig kielburger faced. The court would not approve we charity at first. We Charitie is a organization that helps get rid of child Labour across the globe. Craig Kielburger has groups in over 25 Nationsins in the world say the article (one childs labor of love). Craig kielburger traveld around the world to meet some child laborest in Asia says this wedsit https://craigkielburgerbiography.weebly.com. Craig kielburger never gives up because when he says some thing he dose it and even more.

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Faye Carey

Do you care for Animals enough spend every single day trying to find them a home? Well Faye Carey volunteers at Animal Control to help home dozens of animals. Faye Carey loves animals and is trying to give them a second chance. is trying to give all animals a home with someone in the world so they don’t have to get killed! Teen activists faced chanlinges here are some things that Faye Carey faced.

People would not bye the animals out of animal control. People would not go halfway around the world I get a puppy. Faye meet a puppy named bruno and wanted to keep him but her parents would not let her keep bruno says this wedsit “https://animalabandonment2233.weebly.com”.Faye Carey has a face book page where she shows off the dogs that Animal Control is tring to put in homes with good people.

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Teen Activists: Craig Kielgurger and Faye Carey

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