Teen Essay Topics

Teen vandals

I am of the opinion that parents of teen vandals or those children who commit any crime for that matter should be held liable for the acts of the latter. In this manner, the teenager would become conscious of his ways and this should not be viewed as passing the blame on another. More often… View Article

Teen driving: a failure to yield

Our adolescence is a period of many milestones. One of the most anticipated and exciting milestones for teenagers is represented by a simple plastic card: the driver’s license. Yet too often, the thrill of those first driving sessions transforms into tragedy. Accident and fatality rates for teenage drivers far outpace those of any other age… View Article

Teenage Pregnancy

In years past teen pregnancy created problems in several countries. However in the United States among teenagers, teen pregnancy rose, but there was no help from programs like the National Geographic’s channel, and Teen Mom that aired on MTV. Individuals saw a version of what might have been with cameras rolling, however if the cameras… View Article