Teeing Up a New Strategic Direction Essay

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Teeing Up a New Strategic Direction


National Cash Register Country Club began as a benefit to employees of the NCR Co. located in Kettering, Ohio in 1954. In th1990’s, membership recognized a much needed boost while original members aged and decreased in numbers. In 1997, AT&T purchased the NCR Corporation and began funding an initiative to renovate supported by thorough research to optimize the NRC performance. The primary goal to attract new members led NCRCC to commission the McMahon Group to assist with the strategic planning of an aggressive attempt to revitalize the country club.


1.) According to the Business Research Process, first, we must recognize the dilemma, second step is to develop the question, thirdly a research method to the question is developed, and lastly we refine the research question accordingly. In my opinion, the dilemma begins with a dwindling membership due to aging members and this develops the question “how to increase membership?” The research method entails finding a route to building membership and this is found in the accommodations made available to the members.

By surveying what members thought of the facility’s performance, measurements can reveal areas for improvement. The McMahon Group began with the dilemma of a decreasing membership and assessed the facilities’ future additions, activities, and alterations. A survey of satisfaction was gathered regarding the facility’s assessment. All together, the idea remains the same, members’ opinions of the facility and accommodations would shed light onto necessary changes that need to happen.

2.) Given the research question, the measurement questions appeared to be appropriate for the method. Primarily members and non-members alike were given the opportunity to voice their thoughts regarding the country club. With the information, the strategic planning required attention to the services provided at the club and how to expand based on the feedback.

3.) The sampling strategy used in this instance is Stratified Sampling with Probability methods. I believe that this is the best method as it is the most effective statistical analysis used for productive results.

4 What, if any, problems did you find with the questionnaire as a whole? Consider structure, directions, question order, question phrasing, appropriateness of response strategy chosen, etc.
5 If you were McMahon Group, how would you present the findings of your study to the NCRCC board? Explain the rationale for your chosen method. 6 Given the data presented in the case:
7 What would you recommend to the board of NCRCC with respect to adding facilities like tennis courts, a swimming pool, a spa, a fitness center, and a year-round driving range?
8 What would you recommend to the board of NCRCC with respect to adding or changing programming activities like social activities for adults, families with children, and children?
9 What would you recommend with respect to changing current operations?

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