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Personal Short Story

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1304 words)
Categories: Persona, Personal, Short Story
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It was a typical Tuesday afternoon. The sun was shining, the trees were waving, and the wind was howling. We had just finished school and was heading back home. Everything was normal until we had received a phone call from our dad.

Hello? My mom answered curiously.

I have some news for you! My dad exclaimed. From hearing that, my sister, my brother, and I leaned forward from our car seats, still clutching our backpacks.

As my dad said that I quickly pondered what the news could be, are we going on a vacation? Are we moving to someplace? Is someone visiting? It was as if I was playing a guessing game, desperately wanting to know.

As I was pondering about in my own game, my dad out of the blue yelled,  You can buy a puppy! As those words flew to my ear, I jumped and bounced about in my seat, while my hands were still clenched onto my backpack straps.

Then my brother, then my sister, all unable to keep our excitement. All of us were screaming, yelling, and exploding with excitement, even our mom. Our dad chuckled, and said goodbye, leaving us with the astounding news.

After we had received the phone call I asked,  So· Can we buy a puppy?

Yeah, can we!? Please!!! Pleaded my brother.

Of course! Our mom replied cheerfully.

YAAAY!!! we all cheered.

But, we have to buy a puppy that doesn’t shed, one that is small, and a place that sells puppies. Clarified our mom.

Ok!! We all said in unison. While my mom and my siblings were discussing the plan, I gazed out the window and thought, who knew that this Tuesday would be the day we could buy a puppy.

On a chilly afternoon on Saturday, we set out for Virginia to a small neighborhood that sold tiny, cream-colored toy poodles. You ready kids? asked my mom enthusiastically.

Yup! My brother exclaimed.

Not yet. Mumbled my sister.

Of course! I shouted. It was finally the day we were going to buy a puppy, and I just couldn’t wait. As we drove out into the highway I began to think of all the things I would do with the new puppy, I began to list them inside my head, first I would play fetch with it, then I would walk it , and then I would- , I was interrupted, when my brother poked me on the arm.

What? I answered.

Wanna play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot? My brother asked.

I knew my brother was bored so I replied with a simple yes. While my sister was dazedly looking out the window, my brother and I played Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot, and other games for hours, until we began to feel languorous. As I woke up I noticed that we were stuck in traffic, and we were surrounded by bright green trees.

Are we in Virginia? I asked my mom.

Yup! And we only have thirty more minutes to go! My mom replied.

Really?! I questioned.

Yup! My mom reassured. As I glanced at my siblings, who were dozing off, I thought to myself, wow! Only thirty more minutes to go! I can’t wait!

Ok, kids we’re here! My mom drawled. Her voice sounded unsure, as if something was wrong. We had now arrived at our destination. Our car parked on top of the squashy, brown soil, and there a few feet away stood a small, rickety, wooden house. The house was surrounded by tall pine trees, and outside were two massive toy poodles enclosed by one pen cage.

Are you sure this is the right place? My brother blurted out.

 I know right! It doesn’t seem right. My sister chimed in. I glared out the window, it was not what I had expected, the house looked old, dirty, odd, and most importantly there were no small, cream-colored toy poodles outside, only large, bony, poodles that looked like they hadn’t been fed for weeks.

 Maybe we should leave. My mom slurred.

NO! we all fumed.

We came all this way, and we are not leaving without a puppy! My brother growled.

Ok, ok. Let’s go then. My mom replied.

We had now stepped out into the rich earthy atmosphere, the air was crisp and fresh. As we were walking towards our way to the wooden door, the bony poodles barked and growled at us, as if saying go away. Suddenly a woman in short, curly, dirty blonde hair wearing husky, blue jeans, with a faded pink t-shirt stepped out of the door and greeted us.

Hello! The woman greeted.

We waved back.

Oh! Hello! My mom responded.

So, are y’ all here for the puppies? The woman inquired.

Yes! Yes, we are, but we were wondering if those dogs were the ones we would be buying. Is it true? My mom asked.

The woman chuckled, and articulated, No. No. No. The puppies you are expecting are inside.

Oh, okay we were all so worried. My mom said in relief.

Well, would you like to come in? The woman queried.

Oh yes. Thank you! My mom answered. As we entered through the door we heard all the whines, the whimperings, and the shrill barks of the puppies. Inside the house it was what I had expected, it was messy, dirty, the lights were dim, and the house reeked of wet-dog. As the woman and my mom were discussing the puppies, I spotted a small, curly, golden brown toy poodle, encaged in a black metal cage.

Then suddenly our mom came to us and said, Unfortunately, the toy poodle we saw online is already sold. From hearing that my heart sank, but then my mom added on, Fortunately, there is one more toy poodle. Whew, what a relief I thought. We walked over to the one isolated puppy, and she opened the black metal cage. There the small golden brown toy poodle tumbled out of its cage, wagging its curly, stubby tail vigorously, greeting us with exuberant vitality. It ran to us with its small, stubby, furry legs, with its round black eyes as wide as ever.

Awww! It’s so cute! My sister squealed.

Can we buy it! Please! My brother implored.

Ok. Ok. We’ll buy it. My mom responded.

YAAYY!! We screamed. The woman chuckled.

 Is it a boy? My mom inquired.

Yes. Yes, he is! The woman clarified.

Um How much will he cost?

Oh, just five hundred dollars.

Our mom turned her head and asked, Should we buy him? We nodded our heads enthusiastically. Alright, we’ll take him! Our mom beamed. While the woman and our mom were filling out some paperwork, we frolicked with the new toy poodle.

Ok, kids let’s go! Our mom announced as we waved goodbye to the woman, the golden brown toy poodle whimpered softly as if saying a sorrowful goodbye to his family. After we had all filed into the car we drove out of the neighborhood, and as we did the small puppy gave one last whimper. During the ride, we all decided to name him Teddy since he looked like a teddy bear. Welcome to your new family Teddy, I thought to myself.

All in all, the day that we got to buy a puppy was the most thrilling event in my life. It felt like a new door had opened up. I never thought that we would ever be able to own a puppy in our lives, and when we did it felt like we had a new family member be apart of our lives. Although having a puppy was great it came with many responsibilities, but those responsibilities helped me become more accountable. Overall this event was a turning point in my life, and that day felt like a special gift to me.

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