Technology Replacing Human Contact Essay

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Technology Replacing Human Contact

In my personal opinion, yes, technology is replacing human contact. I have many friends that are high school teachers and they are being trained on how to teach online courses. While this makes sense for college students, I don’t think online courses are the proper way to go with high school students. In college people need the flexibility for work, families, etc. In high school, students do not need the flexibility, high school teaches more than just knowledge, you get social skills, meet people, have to work with other people and physical activity.

I think this changes society in a big way, social skills are extremely important in many different aspects of life. I think that businesses should be allowed to use technology freely, if it is able to help improve their work flow and their productivity, they should be allowed to use it. People need to be careful with keeping up on technology so as businesses further their practices with it, people are able to keep up. I think there should be more training options out there to help people especially when more technically advanced employees are more likely to get hired/promoted versus ones that may not have those skills.

I think that the government should not have control over what is posted on the internet, people should know how to tell whether the information is good information or not. While this does make it hard, trusted sources are easy to come by and the government should not be able to decide what information the citizens get access to and what information they don’t. It makes it harder for them to hide things happening in the world from us like they sometimes do but at the same time, the internet helps them catch a lot of criminals that they wouldn’t have caught in another way.

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