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Technology in the Learning Essay

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The teacher knows how to use the materials.
The students can relate and understand the lesson because the application or software of that particular topic is found in material.

If the teacher did not know how to use material it can cause weakness.

The volumes of computers are not sufficient.

It helps to the teacher to introduce the lesson for better understanding. The lesson is easily absorbed because they perform activities to apply the lesson.

It’s contains information to help them to understand well and instruction and procedure guide them for their activity.

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Note for reviewing if they will forget.

Your Analysis

What do you think prompted the teacher to choose the materials/learning resources that she/he used?

Computers and hand outs are most appropriate materials for the lesson about MS Visio. Ms Visio is tool in designing charts and creating professional diagrams. Computer is use for their hands-on and to be seen the features of the MS Visio 2010 and for their practical evaluation to known if they understand the lesson.

Hand-out is use for information about the topic and guide in doing their activity. Therefore, the instructional materials serve as a clear representation that was capable of giving clear information, through this the student will able understand the lesson and easy to absorb.

What difficulties, if any, did the teacher experience? How can this be managed?

There was no difficulty that the teacher experience because the students are participates in discussion and activity. They student was listened and performed the activity while the teachers makes sure that the student do the tasks. Over-all, were the learning resources/materials used effectively?

Why? Why not? Yes, the computers and hand outs are effective because teacher keep getting the attention of the students in listening in the discussion and performing the activities until the class end. They got positive result in quiz and practical evaluation so I conclude that the learning materials are appropriate.

Your Reflection

Put yourself in the place of the teacher. What would you do similarly and what would you do differently if you will teach the same lesson to the same group of students? Why?

If I will teach the same lesson to the same group of students I also use computer and hand outs but I will also use PowerPoint presentation in introducing the functions and features of MS Visio 2010 to motivate the students to listen and to view the difference kinds of charts and diagram to understand the topic well. I will give them a more problem situation in creating chart and diagrams to enhance their knowledge in creating charts and diagrams in given scenario and to appreciate the importance of lesson.

FS 3 Technology in the Learning
Give at least three benefits of doing a survey of available materials before making your own materials? Explain each

1. Less difficulty in introducing the lesson-Teaching aid materials are help to motivate students to listen and easily in the part of the teacher to discuss the topic and help the student to understand the lesson well.

2. Doing a survey of materials help me to discover materials that relevant to my topic. Give me a several option and choose materials that more effective and appropriate so that I will achieve the objectives my lesson. Also give me ideas to create new materials.

3. Surveying of available materials are can save time, effort and money. You will not spend time, effort and money because material is already available. You can choose topic that will use the available materials especially in cooking .When you think a menu to cook you should also consider the equipment or tools to use so that can save money to buying those equipments or you will focus on available materials.

Your Reflections
1. Which of the materials did you like making the most? Why?

Making power point presentation is the most I like because it develops my creativity in designing and animating my slide presentation because of putting pictures, videos, animated pictures and effects in slide and student also like it. It easier to get their attention and they also learned by pictures and videos.

2. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the materials? How did you overcome them?

I encounter difficulties in making hand outs and activity sheets. Hand outs should clear and informative so that the lesson will understand by student. And you should make sure that your activity sheet is challenging and have thrilled so that you will evaluate well your student if they absorb the lesson. I base my hand outs and activity sheet to my objectives through this it easier to me to create.

3. What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation of teaching materials

In preparation of teaching materials you should consider the availability of materials to avoid creating and purchasing materials. The suitability of materials to the subject matter it also very important. You also consider the skill and knowledge of teacher in using the materials and also the student.

FS 3 Technology in the Learning

PAPER WORKS! (Preparing Hand-outs)


Subject Matter: Technology and Livelihood Education
(Baking and other Kitchen tools and Equipment ) Grade/Year Level: Fourth Year High School


A. Definition of Matter
B. Classification of Ovens and other Baking Tools and Equipment 1. Ovens Proportionately
2. Other Baking Equipment
3. Baking Tools and Utensils
C. Baking Tools and Equipment and their Uses
1. Spatula
2. Flour Sifter
3. Wooden Spoon
4. Scraper
5. Measuring Cups
6. Measuring Spoons
7. Weighing Scale
8. Electric Mixer
9. Rotary Egg Beater
10. Grater and Shredder
11. Rolling Pin
12. Baking Pans

Types of Graphic Organizer/flow chart/schema to use:

1. Your Analysis
1. What are the good features of a handout?

A good handout must concise information and easy to follow. It’s brief but make sure that it contain important detail of your lesson. Choose simple and readable type of fonts that readers can read because difficult to read is will lose their interest immediately. Bullets, schema, diagram and flow art help your hand out to be organized to avoid confusion. Highlight and bold the important detail so that readers recognized the important information.

2. Which of these features are present in the handout I made? I summarize the topic and I write only important detail so that readers understand the point of my lesson. I use bullets and schema to gives guide to the readers. I use simple fonts in order that they understand the information well. I put also
references for clarification or if they need more details.

3. Which features are not present in the handout I made?
I present all feature I know even though I didn’t know how to do good handouts but I surely my handout is clear and understandable by the readers. Your Reflection

1. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the handouts? How did you overcome them? The difficulty that I encountered while making my simple handouts is to make it shorten but explainable. I put only the important information should to remember and later I discuss some details for more understanding. I also find difficult in providing schema to my example so I did was explore in the internet and select the best example to my topic.

2. What tips can you give teacher regarding preparation of handouts? Teacher must be resourceful so that the handouts will be informative tools in students learning. Informative because students depend in handouts especially It tackled an ago. They also didn’t remember your explanation so handouts make them recall your lesson. More information is making your reader uninterested to your topic so make it short.

FS 3 Technology in the Learning

Your Analysis
1. What are the features of a good slide presentation?

A good slide presentation contains pictures and videos to help you to discuss the topic and to have more understanding in part of student. Pictures and videos let students know what I am talking about. It helps also to get the attention of the students. The slide should follow the 7x 7 rules. Seven words every sentence and seven sentences in every slide. You must remember that your text should Arial font’s style and 24 font’s size. The background color and foreground color are contrast.

2. Which of these features are present in the slide presentation you made?

The features I mentioned about are presented in my slide and I follow the 7 x7 rules of power point so that it will make it easier for the audience to read.

3. Which features are not present in the slide presentation you made? I did not put sound effects and music because it will cause distraction to my discussion. I did not use video presentation because it consumes more time but it will depend to your topic if it will be useful to your discussion.
Your Reflection

1. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the slide presentation? How did you overcome them? Power point presentation is very interesting to do because it easy to create it. Background and effects are already available. You can put pictures, effects, music and videos that will found in the internet. So far, there were no difficulties that I have encountered. FS 3 Technology in the Learning

Brief Description of the material in the Website
This site present difference tools and equipment in baking and other tools in kitchen and their uses. Evaluation of Website
It is very informative. This site gave a lot of information in my topic. Weaknesses
The weakness of this site is you need to become a member to their organization to can access their essays or term papers.

Your Reflection
This episode tells us the importance roles of internet were you can find a lots of information about in your topic. And also informs us to be aware to the reference of information because website leads to the false information.

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