Technology in the Classroom Essay

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Technology in the Classroom

In the article “Twitter Goes to College” by Zach Miners, the author’s main point is to show us how technology has been incorporated in the classroom, how it is being used as a way to get students involved, keep them engaged, and communicate inside and outside the classroom. However, many people fear of the harmful effects of technology usage in the classroom. Will students become too dependent on technology? Will they lose the ability to communicate with other people?

Will it affect their ability to think? These were probably some of the same concerns when the phone, radio, and television were invented. In today’s society technology is everywhere. It touches almost every aspect of our lives, our homes, and even the way we communicate. Yet most schools still seem to lag far behind when it comes to incorporating technology into classrooms. Many school districts have recently begun exploring the true potential of integrating technology into the learning environment.

They plan on implementing technology into their lesson plans. They hope to provide a computer to every student from third grade to twelfth grade. By doing this it will open the door for educational opportunities. If properly used, technology will help students gain the skills they need to survive in a technologically advancing world. Incorporating technology into classrooms means more than just one class that teaches basic computer skills such as typing.

In order for technological integration to be successful in classrooms, it must happen across the curriculum in ways that have been proven through research. According to there are “four key components of learning: active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real-world experts.” Technology integration is effective when the use of technology is a routine. It is successful when technology supports curricular goals. Incorporating technology into classrooms is an extremely effective way to be able to model and visualize what is…

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