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Technology in Action Chapter 1 Assessment

Which is NOT a technology that has been used to deliver assistance during times of crisis?
QR codes

Cognitive surplus means that we now find many people with
Excess time and free tools for collaboration

Collaborative consumption is when people get together to
Increase the use of a single product by sharing access to it

Crowdfunding helps startup businesses by
Gathering financial contributions from supporters.

The crisis of a growing digital divide is being addressed by
the Next Einstein Initiative project

Medication delivered through pills with embedded sensors
Allows the physician to track the patient’s heart rate.

The MACH project shows that
Computers can help people with interpersonal skills development.

Which of the following allows retailers to respond to consumer buying patterns?
Data mining

Computer forensics uses computer systems and technology to
Gather potential legal evidence

IT is the abbreviation for
Information technology

Social networking
is incorporated as part of political strategy by many politicians.

Web 2.0 has led to a shift from consuming content towards
producing content.

Examples of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing include
Kickstarter and Mobile Voice

Being computer literate includes being able to
All the above.
avoid spam, adware, and spyware.
use the web effectively.
diagnose and fix hardware and software problems.

Computer forensics
Analyzes computer systems to gather potential legal evidence

The Khan Academy is
A free technology tool used for education.

The move toward access instead of ownership is a sign of collaborative consumption.

The Next Einstein Initiative uses the power of supercomputing to enhance mathematical education.

QR codes conduct a “quick release” of information from your phone to a website.

Criminal investigators may find evidence on a computer, but that evidence cannot be used in court.

What Occupies Your Mind?
What we think about is influenced by the information fed to our mind all day long. Web 2.0 has created numbers channels for people to offer their own work for free – open-source software, free music, books, and artworks. How has this affected your thinking? Have you created things to share freely with the online world? Has it changed the value you put on music, books, and art?

Working 9 to 5
This chapter lists many ways in which becoming computer literate is beneficial. Think about what your life will be like once you’re started in your career. What areas of computing will be most important for you to understand? How would an understanding of computer hardware and software help you in working from home, working with groups in other countries, and contributing your talents?

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