Technology Benefits Essay

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Technology Benefits

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to our special guest speaker Mr.Doe from the university of Science and Technology speaking to us about how technology is beneficial!” “Hello everybody, my name is John Doe. Some say that it is impossible for human beings to achieve a balanced relationship with technology, but I strongly disagree with this. I believe that reliance on technology will be extremely prosperous for all of mankind.”

Every day we tell our students on how technology affects us in every field either from information to buildings and how they have been affected by technology in a wonderful way. Everybody has dreams, some easy and some difficult, but technology has the chance of making it become true like how it is possible to travel in space. It makes our life convenient. In everything we do today, we cannot imagine our lives without technology. Me personally would not be able to live in a life where this is not innovation relating to the science and technology world for many reasons like being able to communicate with friends over long distances through calls, texts and email or it makes it where I can get things done faster or multitask more efficiently. Think about if we didn’t have cellphones, heat, computers, tv’s etc, how would your life be right now? Many people use cars that require oil to run therefore our atmosphere gets polluted, but technology can make it more eco friendly and help conserve precious resources. There is a huge problem with jobs being full and because of new technology many more job opportunities are open because of more need for operators and technology field specialists. Any questions for me?”

“Excuse me Mr.Doe, but what are the limits of technology?” the young women asked.

“Thats a very excellent question miss and what I can say is that technology is limitless as long as the human mind is limitless as well. Does anyone one else have any questions before I end?”

“YES OVER HERE” a deep male voice shouts from way back from the room to be heard. “ WHAT DOES THE UNIVERSITY do to help with the innovation of
technology?” his voice lowered as he approached closer.

“Well sir the university does many experiments and designing with all sorts of technology to make it easier for us human beings. And the students who attend our school are very creative and clever minded therefore we are ranked number one for our Scientific departments in the world. Beneficial in many way’s we have been affected by the sheer greatness of technology and the ways it helps us. Goodnight everyone and thank you for your time.” While Mr.doe was leaving he left the people in an applauding frenzy.

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