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Technology and the Effects on Children

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Essay, Pages 3 (575 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (575 words)

– But mom five more minutes on the iPad, is a common phrase that young children say to their parents. Growing up in this day and age children are more reliant on technological devices such as: iPads, smartphones and televisions more than ever before, it is a defining factor for the kids in Generation Alpha. Generation Alpha kids were born in 2010, ? the year the iPad was introduced and “app” was the word of the year. The controversy of whether or not technology is good or bad for children is defined by the amount of time the child spends on an electronic device.

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Technology does not need to be cut out of children’s lives but used moderately, too much time on any form of an electronic device can be crucial to a child’s well being.

The negative effects that are happening to electronically abled children happen more and more as the technology gets more advanced. ?One study, published in the February issue of Pediatrics, found that children who sleep near a small screen get an average of twenty one fewer minutes of sleep than kids without gadgets in their rooms ?.

Three to six-year-olds need on average at least ten to twelve hours of sleep. As a child getting the right amount of sleep is crucial and technology isn’t allowing children to get the adequate amount. Blue light from electronic devices can cause headaches, eye strain and irritated eyes for children.

A child’s sleep is affected by the harmful blue light when a child is exposed to screen time in the evening due to the elimination of Wiese 2 the hormone melatonin which regulates the sleep wake cycle.

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A child’s body isn’t able to prepare for a goodnights sleep. ?Right here talk about Sleeping and Metabolism. Talk about what technology can cause damage to children right here. ? Having eyes glued to an electronic device daily, isn’t allowing children to get the right nutrients for themselves. Kids aren’t wanting to go outside because they would rather spend their time on an Ipad. Going outside allows for many benefits for children and their health. Sunlight supplies our bodies with Vitamin D, which helps keep our skin healthy. “Regular exposure to sunlight helps to keep your sleep cycle regular by influencing the body’s production of melatonin”(Patel). A physically active child gets to experience the benefits of spending time outdoors. Sadly enough many children are heavily reliant on technology for entertainment purposes and don’t see the need for playing outdoors.

Child obesity rates have risen since technology has been more apparent in children’s lives. “In 2012 child obesity was measured at twelve percent, which is an eleven point difference from 1980″(Patel). Parents cannot leave it up to the children to make all healthy decisions for them, they have to lead by example. Starting out parents must be strict about the rules regarding when children can play video games, watch television, and play on their iPads. Setting daily limits for the use of technology and having kids use it purposefully is key. The majority of time on an electronic device for a young child should be for reading books, especially before bedtime. Talk about dangers in the internet world right here. ? It is believed that technology enhances child curiosity, which can be both a good and bad thing. The internet can be a dark world, especially for curious children that want to learn about anything and everything.

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